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eGeneration works with law firms of all sizes across the United States. Over the past decade we’ve sold 3.5 million+ Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, employment law, and long-term disability leads. When purchasing leads from eGen, one of the best things you can do to be successful with your package is keeping track of which leads you sign as clients. By partnering with eGen and updating lead data, you can identify the best (and worse) areas to buy leads, evaluate which employees sign up more clients, and even increase the quality of your leads.

How Does the Partnership Process Work?

We describe clients who provide lead feedback data as “partners,” but fortunately there isn’t a lot of effort needed on your end to give us lead data. In eLuminate, our proprietary lead and case management software, you’ll be able to quickly switch a lead’s status from pending to qualified, turned down, etc. Once a lead is updated in eLuminate, we’ll have the data on our back end for analysis. Additionally, if you send your client services representative a list of signed cases in a given month, we can manually update eLuminate for you. That’s it!

Benefit of Partnership #1: Identify Top Performing Areas

One of the top reasons why we always recommend clients partner with us is so we can analyze their success rates by geographical location. This is particularly important for clients who are taking leads in multiple states, or clients who look to increase their caseload in the future. Because eLuminate contains the lead’s zip code, we’re able to narrow down your sign rate by state, 3-digit zip code prefix, or even look at simply zip codes for some of our smaller clients.

For example, let’s say that a client currently receives 100 Social Security disability leads per month across Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. They want to add another 50 leads per month, but aren’t sure if it’s better to focus on one state or add it in as a general upgrade. By updating eLuminate, they find that the conversion rates of their four states are as follows:

  • Alabama: 10.45%
  • Georgia: 9.38%
  • Louisiana: 14.87%
  • Mississippi: 11.24%

In this situation, Louisiana is vastly outperforming the other three states in the client’s package. While every state is generating an affordable cost per lead with the given conversion rates, Louisiana is such a noticeable difference that it would likely be more profitable for the given firm to expand their 50 leads in Louisiana, not across all four states.

Benefit of Partnership #2: Identify Worst Performing Areas

Much like eGen can identify which locations are performing best for your legal lead generation package, we can identify states that have room for improvement. Let’s use the same law firm as an example. Say they had a different conversion rate for Alabama:

  • Alabama: 3.45%
  • Georgia: 9.38%
  • Louisiana: 14.87%
  • Mississippi: 11.24%

We tell clients they can expect a 7-10% conversion rate from Social Security disability leads. In this scenario, Alabama isn’t performing up to our expectations, and may be a good state to eliminate from the client’s lead package. Had the client not been updating which leads were signed and which were not, he or she may only have a total conversion rate, not a conversion rate on a state level.

You might be asking, “Why do conversion rates vary state to state?” We often find they don’t. This is usually an issue for large firms that take more than one or two states within their lead package. One of the biggest reasons for a lack of conversions in one given state is due to internal issues within a firm. Travel could be too costly, which leads firms to be pickier with which cases they want to pursue. If you find that you’re not performing well in one geographical location, we can absolutely modify your lead package, but there may be other forces at play.

Benefit of Partnership #3: ID Success Rate by Employee

Pending/Signed/Rejected are fields that come standard in eLuminate. Another field you can use to analyze success through partnering with eGen is looking at contact, desired, and signed rate by user. This allows you to identify which members of your intake staff are making the most outbound calls and emails to leads and which have the highest number and highest percentage of leads signed.

There are countless reasons as to why one employee can be more successful than another when it comes to connecting with a potential client. Work ethic aside, it’s likely one employee with a better desired % for email follow ups is doing one of the following differently:

  • Contacting clients quickly after they become a lead
  • Sending a different email template
  • Emailing leads at different times of the day

Through custom fields in eLuminate, you can track everything a rep sends or says to a client, from custom email templates to time of day email is sent. This can help you and your team identify the most successful ways to make contact with your leads. If you have any questions on how to create custom fields, you can always reach out to your client services rep, and we can make custom fields for you.

Benefit of Partnership #4: Help Optimize Our Campaigns

While we don’t specify which campaign our leads came from in eLuminate, we are able to see lead sources on our end. By analyzing our clients’ conversion rates by campaign name, we’re able to optimize paid search efforts on our end to provide a better product for our clients.

Every three months our paid search team performs a thorough analysis of conversion rate by every marketing medium (paid search, organic search, referral) and by campaign name to ID where the best leads come from. Much like we can help you identify good and poor performing locations, this allows us to identify top and poorly performing Google and Bing campaigns. If we find that Campaign A on Google has a 12.34% desire rate for clients but Campaign B only has a 7.40% conversion rate for clients, we know that we need to reduce spend to Campaign B and shift it to Campaign A.

Get Started With Your Partnership!

If you’re an existing client and wish to start providing client feedback data on leads, please reach out to your client services representative! For those who are interested in Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, employment law, and long term disability legal leads, give eGen a call at 617.800.0089 today.


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