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Networking can be a lot more difficult these days. With most events postponed or online, it can be challenging to network with other lawyers or with potential clients. With the transition away from in person events, many are finding new ways to host virtual networking events. Here are some ways your firm can continue networking virtually.

Attend an Online Conference

Many conferences are now being held online rather than in person. If your firm was unable to attend conferences in the past due to scheduling conflicts, online confreres can be easier to fit into your workday. Pick and choose which sessions best fit your firm’s needs. Many conferences also include breakout sessions or built-in networking sessions, allowing you to meet new people. In addition to attending a conference, consider speaking at one. Look for conferences that align with your area of law and reach out to see if they are accepting guest speakers. For example, disability attorneys may consider speaking about the Social Security disability application process at a conference for organizations that help those is disabilities.

Use Social Media

Social media is an easy way to network. You can join different Facebook groups, responding to questions and comments. You can also hold live Q&A’s where followers can ask your firm questions. Social media is also a great place to look for potential virtual events to attend. Using the “Events” section, you can browse events hosted by the groups you’re in or virtual events happening in your area.

Offer Webinars/Services

Another great option is to host webinars. You can advertise these on your firm’s site and social medias. Pick a topic you think would be relevant for many, allowing you to get a larger audience. You can also reach out to organizations and offer to host a webinar that aligns with the group’s mission. For example, if you are an employment law attorney, you can reach out to local unions or workers’ rights groups and offer to host a webinar on reporting wage theft or another relevant topic.

Connect with Your Bar Association

Consider joining your local bar association if you are not a member already. Not only does every state have one, but many cities have multiple bar associations of their own. It’s likely that your bar association will hold various networking events for its members. If your firm hosts a webinar, you can use your bar association to help promote it as well.

Check Out Different Event Websites

Websites like Eventbrite or have listings for hundreds of online events. It’s easy to find a webinar, conference, or other networking events here. If you decide to hold your own event, you can add it to these websites. If your firm has a LinkedIn, you can search for posts about virtual events or networking opportunities as well.

Virtual networking is the time to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. You may want to get creative with the webinars you host or with the different conferences you attended. When you do attend a conference, join a virtual event or host a webinar, take note of who is there. If you can’t reach out to everyone during the event, follow up at a later date to and continuing growing your network.

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