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Attending a conference usually consists of presentations, training, workshops, and opportunities to network. With many conferences around the world recently going virtual, now is the perfect opportunity to attend an event you may never have been able to in the past. Even legal conferences like NOSSCR and NELA have moved to a virtual format. It is now more accessible than ever since all you need is an internet connection, and there is no longer the hassle of booking travel and lodging.

While a virtual conference has its own benefits and can replicate a traditional conference in many ways, there are definitely some adjustments to be made that can help enhance your experience even further.

Try the Technology First

There is nothing worse than wasting time on technology when you are trying to learn. While you may have just been finally getting used to Zoom, many events have additional software and tools you may need to familiarize yourself with. Don’t wait until the conference is starting to figure out how to download the software or check in online, otherwise you might miss something important.

You can achieve this by utilizing the online resources and guides available on the conference’s website or by reaching out to a staff member for help before the conference begins. A lot of the required software will be essential in getting all you can out of your time so it’s important to be prepared.

Network and Connect

A typical advantage of an in-person conference is the ability to catch up with old colleagues or make new connections. The ways to do that now may be a little different, but the intention is the same. Many conferences encourage messaging during the sessions or a Q and A portion at the end. Utilizing these various tools is a great way to amplify your engagement at a virtual event.

If you’re unsure about a specific topic, chances are you aren’t the only one and it might be helpful to collaborate with others. You can also utilize your time by connecting with exhibitors at the conference who are providing services specifically designed for your area of law or your firm’s needs.

Taking Notes at Home

Since now all of the sessions are being recorded, there might not be as much incentive to take notes and focus since they’re easily accessible. It’s important to still remain engaged so that you can retain all the necessary information. You can take advantage of the recorded sessions online by reviewing the slides at a later date to freshen up on the material. One way to ensure you have time for this is to block off time on your calendar so you don’t have any distractions at home.

Virtual conferences are expected to go up in popularity over the next few years. They are convenient, easily accessible, and can be a useful education tool if you’re able to take it seriously like an in-person event. Your focus and engagement with others can affect your overall conference experience, so feel free to use these tips for the future. If you’re attending a conference soon or just generally interested in legal leads, please feel free to contact eGenerationMarketing at (617) 800-0089.

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