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At eGen, we know that every firm is different. From your firm’s target audience to your intake process, there is not a one size fits all legal lead generation solution. Because of this, your legal lead provider must work with you to create a custom legal lead package tailored to your firm. Here are some ways eGen can help create a customized package:

By Location

Whether you're a large firm or a solo practice, location targeting is likely crucial to your firm. eGen allows you to receive legal leads in an area as small as a three-digit zip code prefix to nationwide leads and everything in between. Social Security attorneys may choose to take cases closest to ODAR offices with the highest approval ratings while an employment law attorney with their own practice may prefer leads from a specific part of a city. No matter how big or small the area, eGen can customize your lead package so you only receive leads in the geographic areas that work best for you. As your firm grows and changes, your package can grow and change with you.

Qualifying Questions

Our Social Security disability leads can be screened by qualifying questions. This can help your firm make sure the leads you are receiving fit exactly what you’re looking for within your cases. You can tailor your lead package based on how an SSD lead answers our qualifying questions. This means you can screen leads by:

  • If the applicant is currently receiving disability benefits
  • If the applicant is seeking treatment from a doctor
  • If the applicant is working with an attorney
  • If the applicant expects to be out of work for 12 months

You can also screen your disability leads by age. Through these specific lead targeting options, we can help you build out a lead package tailored exclusively to your firm.

How You Receive Leads

While screening the leads and creating a custom lead package is important, the manner you receive leads can also make or break if your lead provider meets your firm’s needs. We give your firm the option of how they would like to receive our real-time legal leads.

You can have legal leads texted to members of your firm or emailed to multiple email addresses. We even have a live-transfer feature. Those who utilize this feature can give leads the option to immediately have a call placed to your firm when they complete our Free Case Evaluation form. In addition, all our legal leads are posted into eLuminate, our in-house lead and case management system.

Tracking Conversion Data

Clients that provide us with conversion data leaves room for even more tailoring options. By giving your account manager information about which leads are signed, desired, etc., your account manager can work with you to determine where you find the most success with your legal leads.

For example, if you take personal injury leads in parts of California and Washington state, by tracking your conversion data, you may find that your California PI leads convert at a higher rate than Washington. You can then work with your account manager to determine which areas of CA you want to increase your leads.

Get A Custom Legal Lead Package

We currently generate personal injury, employment law, workers' compensation, and Social Security disability leads and have customizable packages available for each lead type. To create a legal lead package tailored to your firm, contact eGen today!

Tailoring Your Legal Leads To Your Firm’s Needs

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