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Search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging. There are times when it can seem like you’ve done everything right, but still are not seeing any increase in organic traffic to your firm’s website. In a saturated area of law like employment law, it’s important to keep working on your site’s employment law SEO, even when it seems like you aren’t seeing growth. If you’re having trouble with your employment law firm’s SEO, try these employment lawyer SEO tips:

Look at the SERPs

Look over the search engine result pages (SERPs) for the keywords that your firm wants to rank for. A large part of employment law SEO is understanding the SERPs. Do all the pages that are outranking your firm have something in common? It could that they mention some specifics about a claim, like what evidence to include in a wrongful termination claim or how long you have to file a discrimination claim with the EEOC. Once you compare your content to the content on the SERPs, you can improve your current pages based on your new findings. As you upload new content, make sure you to use the optimizations you found to help your new pages rank well.

Optimize for Search Intent

Optimizing for keywords is important, but if you are not also optimizing for user intent as well, then your keywords may be falling flat. For example, if you optimized a piece of content for the keyword “sexually harassed at work” by adding information about how often workplace sexual harassment occurs or examples of how someone may be sexually harassed at work, you may have missed the mark with the user’s search intent. It’s likely that someone searching this keyword is looking for something actionable, like the steps to take to file a claim. If you left this part out, then it may be why your firm is not ranking well for the keyword. To find out user intent, you ask yourself questions like “What is the users goal?” or “Why would they search this keyword?”. If you’re still not sure, look at the SERPs again to see what the top results are as these will likely match the search intent of most users.

Update Your User Experience

Well-optimized content is not the only contribution to your firm’s SEO. Your site needs to be easy to navigate. If a visitor cannot get to your great content or your contact form, then it can be impacting your firm’s employment law SEO. Update your internal links and make sure you have a site that is easy to navigate. If you do not have some kind of navigation bar or menu at the top, consider adding one in. On your navigation bar, you can organize your content by like pages, having links to each type of employment law case. This will make it easier for potential clients to find the information they need. On each page, it should be easy for a client to get to your contact form or phone number. If not, you’ll miss out on potential employment law leads.

Don’t Just Optimize Your Website

Optimizing for SEO and the SERPs doesn’t just include optimizing your website. You should also be adding your firm to directories, like Yelp, yellowpages, and Avvo. You should also be working on your updating your Google Business listing and regularly posting on your firm’s social media. These can all help with your firm’s overall SEO.

Employment lawyer SEO is not something that is ever complete. You will need to continuously monitor and update your firm’s site to maintain visibility on the SERPs. If you find that you are still having trouble with generated leads through your employment law SEO efforts, consider lead generation to supplement your caseload. Our employment and labor law leads are exclusive and sent in real time. For pricing and availability, contact us today!

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