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Creating and maintaining a pipeline of legal leads is something every lawyer needs to succeed. It does not matter if you are a solo practitioner or a large firm: without a constant flow of potential clients, your practice may fall behind. Once you begin to develop your firm’s pipeline, it’s important that you then maintain it. If not, your firm’s growth may slow and the competition my get ahead. To help obtain and maintain your pipeline of legal leads, try these tips:

Track Your Leads

As your firm receive leads and inquires, track where they came from. This will help you establish which of your firm’s marketing campaigns are successful and which may need to adjusted, or even paused. To help track your leads, you can use a variety of tactics. These include using different phone numbers for different marketing campaigns or simply asking where someone heard about your firm. You’ll then want to monitor which campaigns generate the most leads, which convert the most leads to clients and the costs associated with each one. By doing so, can sustain your legal lead pipeline.

Consider Your Intake Staff

The intake process you have can influence your pipeline of leads. Do you have someone answering the phone when a potential client call comes in? If you have an intake staff, how friendly are they? How does the process work once someone answers the phone? Your intake staff may be the first impression a lead has of your firm. If the experience is less than pleasant, then you may be losing potential clients. Set out clear expectations you have of what phone interactions with leads should entail. Make sure your staff has all necessary information for when a lead calls in. Creating a script can help keep your intake staff and the call on the right track.

Adjust Your Intake Process

Try to keep your intake process relatively simple. Having an extensive intake process can scare away what may be good cases. If you are following up with a lead, make sure your intake staff does not delay contacting the lead as well as attempt to follow up more than once if needed. Use a lead and case management system to help keep the intake process running smoothly. A case management system, like eLuminate, can generate and send out documents for an e-signature. This can help send out retainer packets or other important documents in a timely manner. If you have an interested lead, you don’t want to waste time.

What is needed to continue a successful pipeline of legal leads varies from firm to firm. As you follow these tips, make adjustments that best work for your firm. Constantly monitor and track your firm’s successes and what needs improvement. To supplement your efforts and increase your pipeline quickly, consider lead generation. For more information about our Social Security, employment law, personal injury, or workers’ compensation leads, contact us today!

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