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It can be tough finding proactive clients. When a client does reach out to your firm, or you finally reach someone over the phone, your staff needs to get as much vital information regarding the claim as possible to ensure you can make the decision as to whether you can pursue the case. Here are some reasons why your team needs an intake script, plus an outline that you could start using today.

What is an Intake Script?

An intake script can be as simple as a standard list of questions you ask clients to answer when they call your firm. This ensures that you get the same information from every claimant who calls your firm and you don’t need to rely on a lot of skill from new hires on your intake team. Using an intake script will dramatically reduce the time it takes to follow up with claimants.

Where You Can Find One

The easiest way to “find” an intake script is to make one yourself. So what should you include? This is really up to you, but your intake team will need to gather enough information on the claimant for you to make a good decision on whether or not the case is pursuable. You’ll also want to strike a delicate balance between getting enough information and keeping the claimant on the line. Claimants won’t want to discuss their disabilities for 45 minutes over the phone.

Many lead and case management software come with good outlines for intake scripts. Our own software, eLuminate, can be used as a script for claimants who call your firm or walk in without appointments.

Example Intake Script For SSD Attorney

Here is a quick example of a script a Social Security disability attorney or advocate could use. Keep in mind that this may not necessarily work for your firm—you may need to add or remove questions as necessary to fine-tune the process.

Social Security Disability Intake Script

Thank you for calling today. My name is , how can I help you?


Great, I believe I can help with that. Can I get your first and last name?


And how about a phone number in case we get disconnected?


  • Always ask for a phone number first! It’s possible someone calls you while traveling or while with spotty connection. You’ll need your team to immediately call back the claimant if the call is dropped.

Ok what prompted you to apply for disability benefits?

  • This is a very easy way to eliminate some potential cases. If your firm doesn’t take childhood SSI cases or avoids mood disorders, you can stop these callers from taking up too much time.

I believe I can help you with that. I just have a few more questions to best determine if you would be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.


Are you currently receiving disability benefits?


Will you be out of work for at least 12 months?


Are you currently receiving treatment from a doctor?


Do you have any legal help for this case already?

  • These are the four qualification questions we use for our Social Security disability attorneys. We’ve found that while this isn’t enough information to decide on taking a case, it gives you a good idea as to whether the claim will be pursuable.

Have you already applied for disability benefits?

  • While it’s ideal to sign a client who has a slam-dunk case but was denied, taking initial claims can be perfectly profitable.

At this point you should have a good idea as to whether you’ll be able to take the case, but you’ll still need to check to see if the claimant technically qualifies for benefits. From here you can ask questions on determining if the claimant will qualify for SSI or SSDI based on his or her previous responses:

Have you worked for any five of the past ten years? OR


Do you have more than $2,000 in saved income or assets?

  • Once you’ve determined if the claimant has a pursuable case, a strong qualifying condition, and technical eligibility, you can get a client’s contact information for sending your retainer package.

It seems like we should be able to help you with your claim? Could I send you a retainer packet for you to sign so we can get this process started?


Great. Would you prefer I email you your packet or send it via postage?

With a great call script you shouldn’t have to worry about knowing whether a walk-in has a good case. With training, your intake team members should be capable of identifying great SSDI or SSI cases on their own.

Our lead and case management software, eLuminate, is free for all of our clients. With eLuminate you can easily create intake scripts for your team to use, as well as send retainer packages for electronic signature. To learn more about our Social Security disability leads, please give us a call today at (617) 800-0089.

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