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It’s likely that your firm already has an intake script in place. But a generic intake form can be actually hurting your conversions. Having an intake script that incorporates some customizations based on a lead can help convert more leads to clients. Potential claimants likely do not want to seem like just another case number to your firm. They want to know that your firm cares, starting with your intake. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate personalization into your intake script:

Use Their Name

The easiest way to keep a script semi-customized is to use a claimant’s first name throughout the call. Using their name is a simple adjustment that can help make a potential lead feel like more than just a case.

Create Scripts for Different Scenarios

Intake scripts aren’t always one size fits all. If your firm handles different areas of law, it’s likely that you’ll need a different intake script for each area of law. With specific questions to evaluate different types of claims, the intake process will already feel more personalized than just a generic script used for any type of claim. If your firm only handles one area of law, such as Social Security disability, you can try creating different intake scripts for different claims. You may have different questions you want to ask someone applying for SSI than you want to ask someone applying for SSDI.

Use Empathy

Even just showing some empathy will make an intake call feel more personal and less scripted. Potential clients want to know your firm cares, so having your intake staff show compassion for the claimant’s difficult or frustrating situation may go a long way. You may be having calls with someone who was just in a car accident or is constantly being called by creditors. Validating their frustration and demonstrating that your firm understands what they are going through will help make a call that is following a script more organic.

Repeat Their Information

Work in the information that a potential claimant has already stated during the call to add some specifics to their own situation. For example, instead of asking “Did you see a doctor?” your intake staff can ask “Did you see a doctor after you were rear-ended” or “Are you still working for your employer after the discrimination took place” rather than “Do you still work for the employer”. This shows that your intake staff is listening to the concerns of the potential claimant while still asking questions that are part of your intake script.

If you firm doesn’t already have an intake script, you may want to consider creating one. They can help standardize the questions asked during the intake process. This will make it easier to evaluate leads coming in. It can also help reduce the time it takes to follow up with claimants. Once your script is created, you can play with different ways to include the suggested personalization above.

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