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As your firm grows, the need and demand for more employment law leads and cases will increase with it. Having a pipeline of leads and cases is necessary for your firm to continue to grow and expand. With competition in the employment and labor law field rising, you may find that it’s time to increase your focus on your firm’s marketing. If your firm is in need of more employment and labor law case leads, try these different employment law attorney marketing tactics.

Search Engine Marketing

If you’re not already working on your employment law firm’s online marketing, this is a great place to start. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is made up of two different forms of marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Both of these form of online marketing can help increase your caseload and ensure a continual stream of new labor law leads.

PPC can be used for immediate results, but can get expensive. You can target specific keywords to generate more desirable employment law cases, but the competition for the keyword may drive costs up. To keep costs affordable, you’ll need to monitor your campaigns and keywords while considering the quality of leads they are generating. Neglecting your campaigns may lead to high costs with less desirable leads.

SEO is not as expensive as PPC, but does take longer to see results. To increase your SEO on your firm’s site, you’ll need to spend time link building, updating old content, updating online listings and Social Medias, etc. You may want to consider a website redesign, testing out different contact forms or copy. This can organically drive desirable traffic and potential leads to your firm’s site.


One of the most cost effective forms of marketing is word of mouth. Reach out to old clients and ask for referrals. A past client that had a successful case is likely to recommend you to a friend or coworker. Ask for a quote promoting your firm from past successful cases. With their permission, these can be used on your marketing materials and online. You can even ask past clients to leave reviews online, such as on Google, Facebook, Yelp or other directories. Not only will this be a vote of confidence for potential clients, but it can help your SEO as well!

Traditional Marketing

Whether you invest in radio ads, billboards or TV commercials, traditional marketing strategies are still a valuable way to generate employment and labor law leads for your firm. Because these forms of marketing can add up, you’ll need to diligently track your leads to make sure you have a desirable return and that it is worth the investment

Lead Generation

Employment attorney marketing can run up your budget pretty quickly if it is not done right. Different marketing channels may have a large price tag without generating enough leads.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to increase your employment law cases, lead generation may be the solution. Lead generation can kick-start an increase in labor leads as soon as possible. You won’t need to worry that you’ll be spending thousands of dollars on a new radio ad or learn how to manage paid ads. For more information on our employment law leads, give us a call today at 617.800.0089.

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