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Being a talented lawyer is not always enough to maintain clients. Though your ability to help a client win their claim is a major factor when someone decides to work with your firm, the experience of working with your firm can also impact how clients feel. Having a firm with an exceptional client experience to match your success rate can help maintain clients. Here are some tips to ensure clients love your firm:

Establish Communication

There are so many forms of communication you can use to contact a client. As soon as you connect with a prospective client, ask for a client’s phone number (home, cell, office), email address, mailing address, etc. Then ask what their preferred form of communication is. Not only will this show that you care about a client’s needs, but it will make contacting the client easier. If a client rarely checks their email, why use that as the primary form of communication? Knowing how to best reach client will make it easier for both your firm and your client while they are working with you.

Be Transparent

Transparency with a client can take many different forms. It may take form in explaining payment options the first time you meet, how long the claims process takes, or setting a due date for specific documents you need signed. Set and explain realistic expectations you have with your client. If a client knows what to except from you as well as your expectations from them, it can make working together easier.

Simplify Your Intake

The intake process can be overwhelming for some. Creating an easy to navigate intake process can help your clients. Have your intake staff follow a script to help unify the intake process as well as make sure any lead or client has all the information about your firm they many need.

You can use a case management system, such as eGen’s eLuminate, to help centralize your client’s information and make the intake process as smooth as possible. eLuminate allows you to electronically send out documents for an eSignature. For example, after an intake call with your firm, your intake staff can them automatically populate a retainer packet in eLuminate that will have the client’s information from the call. This can then then be sent right from eLuminate to your new client, making completing the retainer packet easier and with no delay.

Make Scheduling Easy

Just like you, a client may have a busy schedule. Try using an appointment scheduling software. You can then send a link out to a client who wants to touch base. For example, if a client emails you, asking “to talk sometime Wednesday”, you can simply send a link for them to schedule a call with you. You’ll cut down on the back and forth of emailing availability or avoid calling them at a time when they cannot talk.

Every firm, no matter the size, can always benefit from tweaking your client’s experience. The best way to know where your firm may need to improve is to listen to your clients’ feedback and start there. Read your firm’s online reviews, send out client surveys, or talking to current clients to find out where your firm can improve.

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