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As you work to expand your employment law caseload, being able to pinpoint leads to the specific areas you take cases in can help better your lead quality. Often you’ll pour time, money, and effort into increasing your employment law cases, but it can be frustrating when you begin receiving leads in areas you do not take cases in. To make sure you’re receiving relevant local employment law cases, try these tips:

1. Create Local Content

As you create new content for your firm’s site, try to make it as localized as possible. This means including specifics for your state and cities. You should include information about filing employment law claims for local business chains. Try adding content and information about your state’s various employment laws. This can include information such as your state’s pay day requirements, workplace discrimination laws, statute of limitations, etc. The more location specific information you add, the more likely your firm is to rank higher for local search results. This can then help ensure that any employment law cases your firm generates will be more localized to your firm.

2. Update Your Firm’s Google Business Listing

If you firm’s business listing on Google does not include specifics to your firm’s location, then you’re only hurting your local search results. Update your firm’s Google business listing to include your firm’s location, phone number, website, etc. This can help your firm rank for searches like “Boston wage theft attorney”, or other location-specific keywords. In addition, add your firm to any local online directories. This can help those seeking an employment or labor law attorney find your firm easier and help search engines understand where your firm is located. Though most directories are free, you can pay to have a sponsored spot on a directory, potentially increasing leads and cases generated from the directory.

3. Make Different Land Pages for Different Locations

Try creating different landing pages for different cities, counties, and/or states you want to generate more employment law leads. These landing pages can include information for each location. Look at Google Trends to see which local search phrases generate more traffic and make landing pages for these keywords. You can even try making location specific pages for different types of employment law cases. This could mean having different landing pages like “Massachusetts wrongful termination lawyer” and “Boston workplace sexual harassment attorney”. Update the page’s meta descriptions with location-specific keywords as well as adding the location to your URL. Adding these will assist with a search engine’s understanding of your firm’s location and will help you rank higher on the search engine results.

4. Try Lead Generation

While you work on your local SEO to help generate more employment and labor law cases, consider using lead generation to supplement your case load. We generate our exclusive employment and labor law leads across the country, but will only send you the leads in the state or states you take cases in. Because our leads are exclusive, any lead that we send to your firm won’t be sent to anyone else. In addition, our PPC campaigns allow us to target some of the most desirable employment law case types. For more information about our employment law leads and how they can increase your caseload, give us a call today at 617.800.0089 today!

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