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One of the first interactions between a potential client and your firm is the initial intake call. They can help build a good relationship with a new client or can turn people away from working with your firm. This is why periodically listening to your intake calls is important. Reviewing your intake calls can help identify areas for improvement within the intake process. While reviewing intake calls, you may want to consider the following.

Look for Common Questions

Are leads frequently asking the same questions? If potential claimants are asking similar questions, then you can create a uniform response for your intake staff or incorporate the answer to the question into your intake staff’s script before a lead even asks the question. In addition, these common questions can be used for content ideas on your firm’s site or added to your marketing efforts, if appropriate.

Problematic Phrases

Listen to how your intake staff responds to a claimant’s questions and statements. Make note of any answers or statements that could use improvement or should not be said. You may find that you need to revisit your intake staff’s script (or create one if you don’t have one already). You may also need to discuss how to properly answer specific questions. Your intake staff may not realize that an answer is incorrect or that their answer may be persuading a potential claimant away from working with your firm.

Make Sure Information Isn’t Missed

As you listen to answers and comments made by your intake staff, make sure there is not any vital information that is forgotten. If you notice that when asked about payment, a member of your intake staff repeatedly does not explain that as a Social Security disability lawyer, your fees are built into a claimant’s back pay, you’ll want to directly address the problem with that member of your staff. It could be that your intake staff is unaware that they are neglecting to share this important information and ultimately negatively impacting conversions.

Recognize Strengths

While discussing weaknesses and areas for improvements with your intake staff, don’t forget to recognize their strengths. No one likes to only hear what they’re doing wrong. Adding in that you were impressed with the way someone answered a specific question or their demeanor on the phone will boost morale and show what your expectations are.

Keep in Mind Conversions

While reviewing these calls, keep conversions in mind. Are there common trends in calls that converted? How about in calls that did not convert? You may find that you need to adjust your approach in your intake calls. This may mean adding more personalization or restructuring your intake questions.

Though you may not have time to frequently listen to intake calls, taking time out of your day, whether it’s weekly, monthly or even quarterly, will help better your firm’s conversions. By not monitoring your intake calls, you’re neglecting an important step in converting leads to clients. You may be missing a simple fix to your intake that is hurting conversions, and without listening to your calls, you may never know it.

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