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Lead nurturing is the process used for developing and strengthening a relationship with a potential client. This process is often used by those in sales to build a relationship with a lead that isn’t quite ready to commit to buying a product or service but may in the future. Just like sales representatives, your firm can use lead nurturing to help convert leads to clients, ultimately growing your caseload.

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing takes a softer approach to converting leads to clients. Instead of constantly asking if someone is ready to buy a product or service, helpful resources are provided about said product or service so that when the lead is ready to buy, a company, or in this case your firm, you have already developed a relationship with the potential client. For those in sales, the lead nurturing process often begins as soon as a lead is generated. For law firms though, it may begin once you actually make contact with a lead and determine if they have case that your firm can help with.

Once you find a lead that is an ideal client for your firm, you can begin the lead nurturing process. This includes sending various marketing materials, personalized emails, website content and calling leads to answer any questions they have.

Why is lead nurturing important?

It’s been found that lead nurturing can increase sales opportunities by 20%*. This can make your firm’s lead generation efforts worth it. As you convert more leads, your return on investment (ROI) can increase, making your lead generation campaigns even more profitable.

Lead nurturing can also help your intake staff stay on top of following up with leads. With a defined process for nurturing your leads, your intake staff will have a clear path of following up with your leads. Constant communication will be established with your leads, making sure that one is never missed.

What are some lead nurturing tactics?

The process for nurturing leads can change based on your firm and your leads. Create a process for nurturing your leads that will work best within your firm and the resources you have available. This can include emailing leads specific links on your firm’s website that may be helpful for their claim, such as what evidence they need for their claim. You can also send out direct mail with marketing materials or schedule phone calls to go over any questions a lead has.

The goal of nurturing your leads is to continuously be in communication with a lead, so that you are there when a lead is ready for your legal services. Establish a process that will best fit your firm’s needs. Look that the resources your firm has and what marketing materials you can create.

There are a couple different things your firm will want to consider when optimizing your lead nurturing process. You should:

  • Create different content depending on your different lead types (such as information on the statute of limitations by employment law claims)
  • Include personalization as well as resources that will help in a specific area of law
  • Switch up the communication channels your firm uses to contact leads.
  • Score your leads to determine who to prioritize.

What if I run out of leads?

Once your firm has an established process for nurturing leads, you may find that your firm can now follow up with more leads in a more efficient manner. To help increase your firm’s pending leads, consider working with a lead generation company. eGen allows you to set a specific amount of leads you’d like to receive each month, helping you control the influx of leads your firm receives. As you continue to streamline your lead nurturing process, you can increase leads or expand the geographic locations you receive leads in.

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