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As many businesses continue to work from home, adaptions need to be made to maintain to be productive. This means establishing news goals for your firm’s employees or restructuring your daily tasks to better work while out of the office. You may need to look into different software or services to help manage your firm and daily activities while everyone is remote. If your firm is looking to keep productivity levels high while working to expand your case load, lead generation is the answer. Here’s why:

1. Spend Less Time on Marketing

Working with a legal lead generation service means you can spend less time your firm’s marketing, and more time on your clients. Our team will run and monitor paid and organic search campaigns, making adjustments based on top-preforming keywords so your firm does not have to. You will not have to worry about a pause or drop in leads.

2. Receive Leads Anywhere

No matter where you are, whether at home, on vacation, or on the go, you can receive our leads. Leads will be emailed to an email address your firm provides. They can also be texted to a phone number. In addition, any lead your firm receives form eGen will also be posted into eLuminate, our lead and client management system.

3. Lead and Case Software

Free with any purchase of leads, your firm will have access to eLuminate. eLuminate is entirely web-based. You will not need to download or install an app. Instead, you can access eLuminate on any smart device that has Internet. This gives you access to your leads and cases no matter where you are working.

4. Monitor Productivity

In eLuminate, you can monitor your firm’s productivity. You can create custom views that organize the lead follow up effort your team is doing daily. From these views, can then run customized reports to see things like how many times leads have been contacted or how many leads have been converted to cases. These reports can you make sure your firm is staying on track while out of the office.

5. Create a Campaign that Matches Your Needs

At eGen, we know every firm is different. This is why we’ll work with your firm to find a campaign that matches your firm’s needs while staying within your allotted budget. We can set a monthly or daily lead limit to make sure you only receive the amount of leads your firm can handle. If you’re looking to take cases in a specific city or part of a state, we can narrow leads down to a specific three-digit prefix code.

We currently generate employment law, personal injury, Social Security disability, and workers’ compensation leads. For more information about how our exclusive legal leads can help your firm from home as well as pricing and availability, contact us today.

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