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With the ever-changing news, your firm may have found itself skipping the office and working from home. For some, working from home may pose new challenges while trying to maintain their typical day at the firm. Productivity can drop and goals become harder to meet. Fortunately for those who are receiving leads from eGen, you also have access to eLuminate, our in-house lead and case management system. eLuminate can help your firm stay on track while at home. Here’s how:

1. Web Based Platform

No need to download an app to use eLuminate! Instead, it is entirely web based, giving you access on any device or tablet with an internet connection. It doesn’t matter where or what device you log into, as long as it can connect to the internet, you can access eLuminate to continue with your lead intakes and catering to you clients’ needs.

2. Automatically Record Notes

As you send emails through eLuminate, notes are automatically recorded. Everything is timestamped, making it easy to keep track of when a lead or client was last contacted. You can see when a lead was initially followed up with or when you sent a client a document to be signed. If you call clients while home, you can record notes to access at a later date. With all of the information about a lead or client in one spot, you and your intake staff will remain on the same page even if you’re not in the same building.

3. Run Reports

eLuminate makes it easy to run different reports. Create customized views and fields to generate different charts and tables within eLuminate. Whether you want to check the number of emails sent by your intake staff or do a deep dive of the leads that are converting into clients, you can run customized reports to keep your whole staff on track while out of the office.

4. Generate Documents

No need to worry about scanning in documents or sending those on your work desktop to yourself while working from home and using eLuminate. With dozens of standardized documents available in eLuminate, you can continue to keep expedite the process for signing clients. Documents can even be customized specific to your firm. As you generate a document, the fields will automatically be filled.

5. Electronic Signatures

When you send a document through eLuminate, your potential and current clients can electronically sign the document and email it back to you. You won’t need to print and mail retainer packets. Again, with the ability to generate documents, information specific to your client will automatically fill in. No need to worry about going to your firm to check the mail for the documents from clients when they can be sent straight to your email.

eLuminate is only available to those receiving leads from eGen. Those who are receiving our Social Security disability, employment law, personal injury or workers’ compensation leads receive complimentary access to eLuminate. For more information about our exclusive leads contact us today!

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