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Marketing your law firm is more important than ever, as more attorneys and advocates begin practicing every year. While you can spend a fortune on a glitzy website or go for broke with paid ads at the top of search engine results, your campaigns rely on an effective “Call to Action” – that is, the driving force motivating your customer to take immediate action on your site and contact your firm. Here are a few key tips that can help your firm’s marketing inspire immediate response.

1 – Have Encouraging Terminology on Your Website

Your website is possibly the most important part of your marketing, as it is often the first impression a claimant gets of your firm. 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action, so the message on yours is key to get right. [Source: Google Legal Services Study Sept 2013]

When claimants visit your website, they should find information that reinforces how secure they will feel with your firm representing them. Here are a few ways you can use your website’s text to create powerful CTAs:

  • Show your firm is experienced. Mention all of the years you have spent serving your area or all of the clients you have helped.
  • Prove your firm is successful and will get you the relief you need. List the payouts that you have won for your clients in the past.
  • Show that it is risk free to at least speak with an attorney. Tell them their Initial consultation is free.

Your website should make a claimant feel secure that your firm will obtain the maximum benefit with his or her case, and the terminology you use to do that is key.

2 – Leave a Compelling Voicemail

Whether a claimant reaches out after visiting your website or you have a personal injury lead for a case come in from eGenerationMarketing, calling your potential claimants is the most immediate way of getting in contact with them. Unfortunately, the odds of getting them on the phone drops 100 times by the 30-minute mark, which means you will have the best chance of signing a case if you call your lead quickly. [Source: Lead Response Management]

If he or she does not pick up your call, the next step is to leave a voicemail. You want this message to make the claimant feel as though:

  • You are someone they can trust
  • You are offering them assistance
  • They have a better chance at success with your help, and you know this because you’ve helped others like them

“Hello, this is Attorney John Smith calling from Generic Law Firm PLLC. It’s about 10:00AM on Monday morning and I was trying to reach Carmen Sandiego, as she has requested to speak with a legal professional about her personal injury claim. We have been practicing in the Anchorage area for over 30 years and believe you may have a great case, so feel free to reach me and my team at XXX-XXX-XXXX and we would be happy to give your case a free evaluation.”

By implementing these tips, you can turn a bland voicemail into an effective Call-to-Action. Customers are more likely to want to do business with a person they know, so introduce yourself and indicate why you are calling. Let the lead know that you are simply offering your help with filing their claim, not asking them for any payment. Finally, let them know that you have assisted others in similar situations before and their chance of winning is greater with your help.

3 – Use a Compelling Email Subject Line

Once you have called the claimant and left an inspiring voicemail, you should create a similar call to action in the header or subject line of your follow-up email to the claimant.

The best way to do this is to use the claimant’s name in the subject and then a dash followed by actual subject of your email.

For example, you could email a Social Security disability claimant by writing, “Hi John – SS attorney representation”. This not only tells the Social Security claimant that you know his name and are not just a robot sending emails out wildly, but that you are transparent in your reason for contacting him.

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