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A call to action (CTA) is a piece of content, usually just a few words, intended to entice a viewer to complete an action. For attorneys, a call to action is the text that inspires a claimant to contact your firm regarding his or her legal claim. There are endless variants of call to actions you can use on your website or other marketing materials, from something as simple to “call now” to a complex blog post on how legal assistance can ensure an auto accident arbitration goes well.

What is the best CTA for lawyers?

The best call to action for lawyers are ones that invite a user to take action. Your call to action is dependent on what you'd like a user to do. Most law firm call to actions include ones that urge a user to call the firm or fill out a law firm.

The best CTA can vary on a case by case basis. By testing different call to actions, your firm can find what performs best for you.

Here are some call to action examples, and how they could help your firm increase its revenue.

“Contact Us Today”

“Contact” or “Contact Us” is one of the most commonly used call to actions. You’ll usually see this text displayed on the button someone presses to submit a contact form. It’s a simple way to try to tempt someone to reach out, and is a little more sophisticated than just “submit.” So why consider “Contact Us Today”? This will create a sense of urgency for the claimant. Many marketers believe “Today,” “Now,” and other related words increase click through rates or conversion rates.

“Get Help Now”

When claimants seek legal service, they’re really looking for help. They’re either unable to work due to a disability, or injured due to someone else’s negligence. “Get Help” is a great way to subtly show the claimant that you’re there to help, not just get a paycheck. This type of call to action is relevant for lawyers in nearly any area of consumer law.

“Free Evaluation”

A lot of consumers won’t speak with an attorney because they’re worried they’ll be charged something upfront. If you’re happy to speak with a claimant regarding his or her claim without charging anything, you should make it clear that there’s no risk in reaching out to your firm. Keep in mind that the word “free” is often a spam trigger, so you shouldn’t use this as the subject line of a marketing email or anything along those lines.

“Settle Your Claim”

This call to action is similar to “Get Help Now.” It’s designed with the hope of showing claimants that there’s a light of the end of the tunnel if they work with your firm. This call to action will be more relevant for some lawyers than others. For example, Social Security disability attorneys wouldn’t really need to “settle” anything, while personal injury attorneys need to settle disputes regarding negligence, fault, and insurance denials.

A call to action is just a single factor in a list of many components that affect your conversion rate. Your website design, color, and even button size all make a big difference when it comes to actually completing a form or calling a firm. What works for one lawyer may be an utter fiasco for another. Trial and error is one of the best ways to determine what’s best for your firm.

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