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Lead generation is an easy way to increase your caseload. It can often be more cost-effective than other forms of marketing. You won’t have to wait weeks or even months to see results. Instead, you typically can begin receiving leads the day you sign up for a lead generation service. When working with a lead generation service, such as eGen, follow these tips to make sure you are getting the most from your lead provider:

1. Update Your Lead Results

The best way to make sure you’re having optimal results from your lead provider is to update your lead results. Updating results allows you to make sure that you are converting the expected amount of leads and are profiting from the lead generation service. eGen has its own lead and case management system that comes complimentary with our leads. By updating your lead results here, not only can you track your success with our service, but you can share the results with us. We then can us this data to target successful lead generation campaigns, improving the quality of our leads.

2. Take Advantage of Online Resources

Many lead providers have free resources available online to help clients find success with their services. eGen has many different online resources available. From tips for converting leads to clients to how to use eLuminate, our online resources can help your firm make sure you are as successful as possible with our leads. Reading through the different resources may help you find new areas to improve upon that you did not think of before. You may find a new suggestion for your intake script that you never thought of or see a suggestion for your lead package that can help improve the quality of your leads

3. Use Free Software

If your lead generation service provides access to free software, then take advantage of it. As mentioned, complimentary with our leads comes eLuminate. Leads you receive from us are automatically posted into eLuminate. Then, within eLuminate you can manage your leads and clients, generate and send documents, use it as an intake form and more. Because it’s web-based, you’ll have access to it anywhere from any smart device that has internet. It can be customized to better fit your firm’s needs.

4. Utilize Free Customer Service

At eGen, you’ll have an account manager to help you succeed with our services. Providing them with feedback or asking questions can help your firm understand best practices for our leads. If you need additional training with eLuminate, they can help! Your account manager can help you make changes to your campaign, such as expanding the areas where you take cases or creating a new screening package. Our customer service is always free, so we won’t bill you for time spent helping your firm.

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