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Using a lead and case management software can help your firm operate more effectively. It can double as an intake form, keeping new leads organized. You can use a case management software to centralize all information about your cases, reducing the amount of paperwork you need to keep track of. Each case management software has different limits, so you should have an understanding of how robust you would like your system to be. If your firm is on the hunt for a lead and case management software, there are some key features you will want to keep in mind. Look for a lead and case management system that has the following features:


Do you need to download an app to access the case management software? Can you access it online? If you do not have easy access to your lead and case management software, then it may hinder your ability to do your job. If you are on the go between client meetings, court, etc. then knowing you have easy access to your cases is important. Our lead and case management software, eLuminate, is web based. This allows you to access it on any smart device or computer.


Your firm may have specific questions you want included during the intake process or prefer to group specific cases, such as priority cases, together. Because of this, having a lead and case management system that you can customize is important. For example, in eLuminate you can create custom views or criteria. With the ability to create new views, you can group cases by priority, case type, leads that need to be contacted, and so much more.

Multiple Capabilities

Your firm’s case management software should be able to help your firm in multiple aspects throughout a case’s life. Not only should you be able to help with your intake and lead management, but you should be able to continue to use the software once a lead becomes a client. In eLuminate, you can generate and send documents to clients. For disability attorneys many SSA documents are already available within eLuminate. You can send us documents to customize and upload into eLuminate for your firm to continue to use. Documents that are sent through eLuminate can be then signed electronically by your clients. Notes are automatically updated so you know that a document or email went out to your client.

Multiple Case Types

If your firm takes multiple case types, so should your case management software. eLuminate is currently equipped to handle Social Security disability, personal injury, employment law, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, family and Veterans’ disability law. With the ability to customize and handle different case types, your firm won’t have to compromise.

Customer Service and Support

No matter the lead and case management system, questions will likely arise. Having a customer support is imperative. As clients of eGen, you’ll have an account manager that can help answer any questions that come up. Email your account manager directly or fill out a customer support request within eLuminate to have all questions answered.

eLuminate is free for all clients receiving leads. For more information about our lead generation service or information about our Social Security, employment law, or personal injury contact us today!

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