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Although it’s necessary for your firm’s site to constantly be updated, it can be a tedious task. Coming up with new content ideas can be difficult and time consuming. Instead of wasting time trying to think of new topics that you could spend winning cases, check out our list of ideas to keep your site fresh:

What to Do After an Accident

You can take this topic and run with it. There are some many different types of auto accidents that can occur. “What to Do After Being Rear-Ended,” “What to Do After an Accident at a Red Light,” “What to do After a Hit and Run” could all be topics you discuss here. Plus, you can add a plug about how a driver should contact your firm after an accident!

Current Events

Keep an eye on the paper for current events relevant to personal injury. Maybe there was an accident nearby caused by an intoxicated driver. Discussion of this accident would be a perfect opportunity to mention your state’s impaired driving laws and how your firm can help someone who was hurt as a result of an intoxicated driver.

Specific Injuries

This topic can be responsible for many different content ideas. For example, you can break a leg from both a slip and fall and an auto accident. That’s two different content ideas right there! In the article, you can discuss how much a settlement could potentially be decided or what medical documents you’d need.


Each season brings different potentials for a personal injury case. In the winter, slip and falls can occur due to ice or snow. During the summer, there is an increase in traffic with people going on vacation, allowing a higher chance of an auto accident. You can talk how to avoid these types of incidents or what do to if one happens.

State Specific

Different states have different laws and regulations. Post some content on the laws in your state. Does your state follow a comparative fault rule contributory negligence? What is the statute of limitations? By creating state-specific content, it can help with your firm appearing in local search results and show just how well versed your firm is in the local laws.


Content on “tips” tend to rank well on Google. You can keep the content as generic or specific as you’d like, such as an article on “Tips for Filing a Personal Injury Case” or “Tips for Filing a Claim for a Broken Ankle From a Slip and Fall.” You can even do “Tips for Working With a Personal Injury Attorney” and add in some information about how easy and great it is to work with your firm!


Take a look at what keywords your firm ranks for or you’d like to rank for. You can then base content around them. If there is a type personal injury claim you’d like to take more cases for, try looking up keywords for that type of claim and base content around it. This can be an easy way to increase your SEO for specific topics and keywords.

These are just a few starting points for the many different topics your firm can write about. If you aren’t sure about a topic, try searching it an see what kind of results come up. As long as you keep your content fresh and relevant to your practice, then you should help improve your site's over SEO!

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