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Each year, new digital marketing trends emerge that can impact how your firm markets itself and finds new clients. By understanding the trends now, you can utilize them in your 2024 legal marketing plan. In 2024, these legal marketing trends are likely to emerge:

Continuing To Use AI

Over the past few years, AI has grown in popularity. In 2023, we saw a boom in using AI to help create new marketing plans. AI tools helped generate content ideas, write blogs, better emails, and make many marketing efforts more efficient. As AI evolves in 2024, so will its uses within the legal marketing space.

New AI tools can help better your firm’s workflow during the intake process. Add an AI chatbot to your website to help with intake questionnaires, and streamline appointment confirmations or onboarding documents. Use AI to summarize or draft legal documents, and so much more. As AI capabilities continue to grow and improve, so will their influence in legal marketing.

Utilizing Social Media

The trend of social media is not new. As social media evolves, so will the ways your law firm can integrate it into its marketing strategy. Between running ads on different platforms, working with influencers to promote your firm, and utilizing in-app purchase or signup features, there are a lot of ways your law firm can advertise.

Within social media, video will continue to grow. Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts, video will keep gaining popularity. Your firm can create quick, informational videos about different case types or react to popular videos that may have a case within your field. These videos can then be used as ads. The more ‘viral’ videos your firm or attorneys can create, the more brand recognition will increase for your firm.

Creating Quality Content

Having quality content will only become more important in 2024. During 2023, Google released a variety of algorithm updates related to content, including the Helpful Content Update. Because of this, focusing on user-first content, rather than content geared toward search engines, will become increasingly important in 2024.

To make sure your content is helpful for users, follow Google’s E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, trust). The more evident E-E-A-T is on your firm’s website, the better your firm will rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs). To do this, show how your firms and attorneys have both experience and expertise in your practice. Credit content that is written by an attorney to that attorney. Add awards and client testimonials to show that your firm is trustworthy.

Combining In-House Marketing & Marketing Services

With so many different legal marketing options emerging in 2024, combining both an in-house marketing team and outside marketing services will help your firm make the most of your marketing budget. Agencies can help with your firm’s SEO, create a Social Media planm or manage your paid search campaigns. Together with your firm’s in-house marketing team, you can develop strategies to help grow your firm.

A lead generation service can also complement your in-house marketing. Instead of needing to meet with an agency, apply changes to your marketing efforts suggested by them, and be stuck in a contract, eGen delivers legal leads straight to your firm with no effort needed from your firm. We do not require long-term contracts nor will you need to make any changes to your firm’s marketing. Instead, we’ll run the lead generation campaigns, sending you exclusive attorney leads as soon as a claimant complete our Free Case Evaluation form.

For more information about our legal leads, pricing, and availability in your area, contact eGen today.

2024 Legal Marketing Trends

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