Regardless of what form of marketing you use to find new workers’ comp cases, you know that not every claim is perusable for one reason or another. If you generate your own workers’ compensation leads, or purchase workers’ comp leads from a provider, here are some key signs to look for to know if your firm will have a great claim.

1. Your Claimant is Between the Ages of 45 and 54

According to 2015 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, middle-aged Americans are the most likely to get injured on the job. This makes sense for many reasons—Older adults are typically working but not yet retired, and may not be as fit as younger employees. An older employee also may have more difficulty getting retrained for a new job and potentially be entitled to a higher workers’ compensation settlement.

eGeneration does not ask our workers’ comp leads to list their date of birth when filling out our Free Evaluation, so it’s vitally important that you call every workers’ compensation lead that you receive! Having someone vet your leads is the only way to know if the lead is pursuable.

2. Your Claimant Had a Service Job

The service industry includes food or retail jobs. These jobs have significantly more non-fatal injuries per year than other jobs, such as management or computer engineering. The most common workers’ compensation injuries are slip & falls or overexertion and bodily reaction, so it makes sense that those on their feet all day will have a higher chance of serious injury than people who have a desk job. While this doesn’t mean that white-collar employees won’t have good cases, your firm may find that claimants with physical jobs will receive higher settlements due to the fact that they cannot work without a full recovery.

3. Your Claimant Had a Head Injury

While knee and back injuries are most common, head injuries are much more serious. Head injuries was the most common injury among fatal workers’ compensation claim. A traumatic brain injury usually means your claimant will have high hospital bills and require a long time to recover before returning to work, if he or she recovers fully at all.

4. Your Claimant Was Injured in a Car

Of activities that caused fatal labor injuries, automobile accidents were more than twice as common as any other job task, including operating heavy machinery or working on a construction site. While your firm may get a perfectly viable case from someone who tripped on loose carpet, auto accidents usually have much more serious injuries than a pulled tendon. Additionally, police are called to the scene whenever auto accidents occur, so it’s likely that your workers’ compensation client will have more thorough documentation than other claimants if he or she was injured while driving for work.

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