Taking The Lead was first published in 2011 as a resource for our Social Security disability attorneys to better understand lead generation services and know how to utilize Social Security leads. We send physical copies to every new Social Security client, but Taking the Lead is also available online. Here are some key takeaways you can find in Taking the Lead that will help your firm be as successful as possible with Social Security leads.

Asses Your Firm’s Goals & Budget Before Purchasing Leads

Are you trying to increase your Social Security caseload by 10% this month? Do you want to increase your firm’s revenue by $40,000 next year? Goals are critical before starting any new marketing venture. We’ve found that if you’re not looking to increase your caseload, lead generation services may not be a good fit.

You should also set a realistic budget when purchasing disability leads. We’ve found that our clients spend on average just $250-$350 per desired case. If you’re a small firm on a tight budget, you may need to cut back on other marketing options while working with a lead generation company.

Prompt Follow Up is Key

Leads are generated when a claimant seeking legal help fills out one of our Free Evaluations. When a user submits his case for legal review, he is looking for immediate legal assistance. Social Security disability leads have serious illnesses or injuries that prevent them from working, so getting the application process started as soon as possible by following up promptly is critical. Some of our most successful clients aim to call their leads within minutes. Attempt to contact your lead around 20x over the course of a couple of weeks before deciding it is “unreachable.”

Monitor Your Success

It’s impossible to gauge a lead generation service’s success without tracking your success. We use a handful of terms when helping clients evaluate their Social Security lead campaign:

  • Cost per desired case: How much you spent to receive one lead whose case you want to take.
  • Cost per signed case: How much you spent to actually sign a lead as a client.

Keep in mind that your cost per desired case is always lower than your cost per signed case. It’s possible a claimant will change his or her mind about working with a lead generation company, or never return a retainer package. You can calculate your cost per desired or signed cases for any marketing channel, not just lead generation.

Never Forget Sample Size

If you receive 10 leads from us and sign five as clients, you may think lead generation is the best invention since sliced bread. On the other hand, if you receive 10 leads and sign 0 clients, you may believe it’s simply a marketing scam. Neither figure is reflective of what we’d expect from attorneys receiving our Social Security disability leads.

The more SSD leads you receive, the better sample size you’ll have. A large sample will accurately reflect how many clients you’ll retain and how profitable the service is for your firm. Most of our clients want to sign 8-10% of our leads as clients, but some firms are even more successful.

Take More Social Security Cases Today

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