If you’ve just started your Social Security disability firm, or simply hasn’t gotten around to focusing on your digital presence yet, you may be wondering how you should start your legal marketing campaigns. Marketing a Social Security disability firm online can be challenging because there’s a lot of competition and the audience skews older than most internet users. Here are some top marketing tips for Social Security disability attorney or advocates:

Make a User-Friendly Website

Everyone applying for Social Security disability benefits has a serious illness or injury. Vision loss is very common among applicants as they tend to be over age 40, and many disability claimants may not be able to type well or for extended periods of time.

Ensuring that your website is user friendly will go a long way in not only ensuring claimants are able to contact you, but rank well on search engines like Google. Any Social Security disability attorney’s website should have alt text and contact forms that can be filled out without use of a mouse. (link)

Focus on Your Preferred Conditions

Once your website is user-friendly, you’ll want to add content that’ll yield high-quality cases. For most Social Security disability attorneys, this means focusing on blog posts or news articles regarding physical disabilities and conditions that affect older claimants, as they’ll typically have SSDI claims and higher back pay settlements. Some conditions to focus on might include:

  • Amputations
  • Cancer
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Lupus
  • Paralysis
  • And any of the Compassionate Allowances

The issue with focusing on SSDI-related keywords will mean you have higher competition. Millions of people receive SSI benefits every year, so don’t automatically count these cases out. SSI recipients are also entitled to benefits after one month, not five. While the back pay isn’t as high, it builds up quicker for SSI recipients.

Select Keywords for PPC Campaigns

Choosing the right keywords makes a big impact when developing a PPC campaigns for a Social Security disability firm. Let your bids run awry for high-volume keywords and you’ll significantly overpay to direct claimants to your website. Forget to add negative keywords and you’ll display your ad to thousands of people who are already on disability benefits.

Try using Google’s Keyword Planner or a third-party software to pinpoint a list of potential keywords with suggested bids, volume, and ranking difficulty. It’s not always favorable to have the #1 spot for ads on Google—you may be able to get plenty of volume at a lower cost from positions 2-4.

Work With eGen!

A great option for Social Security disability firms looking to invest in marketing is lead generation. When you work with a lead provider, you pay for contact information from claimants seeking legal help instead of paying for traffic to your own website. This is a great option for firms without the manpower to create a user-friendly site, or firms who have some volume but need to supplement their caseloads.

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