From TV commercials to billboards, there are a myriad of marketing and advertising choices available for Social Security attorneys and advocates. As your firm surely already knows, some marketing channels are significantly more profitable than others. A successful law firm will use a variety of marketing options to keep costs low and ensure a steady flow of Social Security cases. If you haven’t considered Social Security lead generation before, you may want to evaluate its profitability compared to other traditional forms of marketing.

Paid Ads and Social Security Claimants

Digital ads on Google or Bing are very popular methods for Social Security attorneys to find potential claimants. When you use pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, you pay a certain amount each time a web user clicks on your ad after using a search engine. Some terms your firm can bid on will be much more expensive than others. A pricing example taken at the time of publication for the keyword “disability attorney Michigan” from Google’s Keyword Planner a Social Security disability attorney has a suggested bid of $12.85.

At $12.85 per click,* your firm would need to pay $1,285 to have 100 new visitors reach your website. While spending just shy of $1,200 for 100 interested claimants may seem like a bargain, not every person who clicks on your add will choose to contact your firm, and even fewer of those who contact your firm will have disability claims your firm wants to pursue.

An optimistic but realistic conversion rate for paid traffic directed to your site that chooses to contact your firm would be 10%, as would the amount of cases you wish to pursue. This means that if your firm can realistically hope to desire just one new case from spending $1,200 for the term “disability attorney Michigan.” As the average Social Security disability attorney fee is $3,000, this PPC campaign would not be very profitable for your firm in this situation.

*Two things to keep in mind: Google Keyword Planner is just an estimate taken at one point in time, and your bids may vary wildly. Additionally, your own conversion rates may be significantly higher (or lower) than 10%.

Social Security Leads and Profitability

When you choose to work with a Social Security lead provider, you are not paying for traffic to your site in the hopes of users converting. You’re instead paying for guaranteed contacts who are interested in pursuing a Social Security disability claim. PPC campaigns are also volatile and need to be constantly monitored—when you choose to purchase disability leads, you will not need to invest your own time and capital into paying for PPC campaigns or hiring a search engine marketer to handle the campaigns for you.

Increasing Your Caseload

Through lead generation, most of our Social Security clients can expect to spend around $250-350 per desired case, although some clients spend even less. If you’re interested in supplementing your current marketing efforts with Social Security leads in your area, give us a call at 617.800.0089. We’d love to help your firm get started with Social Security disability leads today.

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