One of the biggest challenges for attorneys focusing on digital marketing is getting traffic to your website. Social Security disability is a very competitive area of law, with thousands of Social Security attorneys practicing across the country. Unless you have a digital marketer working for your firm, it can be challenging knowing where to even start. If you want more claimants to find your site instead of your competitors’, here are some improvements you can keep in mind when building your Social Security disability website.

1. Social Security disability leads need a user-friendly website.

Many Social Security claimants have visual impairments and will not be able to navigate a website as easily as others. Additionally, Social Security claimants are older than the average population, so small text and cramped images will be very jarring for your audience. They may even have motor function issues, which make it hard to use a computer to begin with.

If your website isn’t optimized for an older generation applying for Social Security disability benefits, you’ll have any visitors who land on your website immediately leave your website. Large font, ALT text, and a simple user interface will go a long way in keeping people on your website.

Finally, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’ll be penalized: In April 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly update that affected any website that wasn’t user-friendly on mobile devices.

2. You’ll need to tailor your content to what people are searching.

Keywords are vitally important for any website. A keyword is the phrase someone enters on Google, Yahoo, or Bing to pull up a list of search results. You may be tempted to use keywords like “Disability attorney” to tempt traffic to your site, but short keywords will have much more competition. A better idea would be to try to use the most niche keywords possible to target your ideal Social Security leads. While the audience will be smaller, you’ll have a much higher chance of ranking on the first page of Google with long-tail keywords.

For example, a Social Security firm in California may want to choose keywords based on their locations. Some examples could include:

  • Social Security firm Los Angeles
  • Los Angles Social Security Attorney
  • Disability application Los Angeles

Test a few keywords on Google to see what type of results come up, and what keyword phrases you can consider implementing in your content.

3. If you don’t take SSI cases, don’t include any content on childhood illnesses.

Many Social Security firms choose not to take childhood SSI cases due to the fact that these cases don’t yield big settlements for Social Security attorneys or advocates, and household income limits will often disqualify children from disability benefits. If your firm only wants SSDI claimants to find your firm, be sure to exclude any article or blog subjects on SSI.

A blog is a great way to get more people to your website. If you’re trying to brainstorm blog ideas for SSDI claimants, try picking conditions to blog on that would normally affect SSDI applicants, such as Parkinson’s, cancer, and arthritis. Conditions like cerebral palsy and Autism are present at birth, so information helping these applicants would not be beneficial for Social Security firms seeking only SSDI cases.

4. Make sure claimants know that if you don’t win, they don’t pay!

Most Social Security disability leads believe that they’ll need to pay an attorney an hourly rate. Be sure to promote your low costs on your website: Once a claimant realizes that you’re only paid through back pay and do not require any upfront payments or a percentage of her monthly benefits, you’ll be much more likely to be contacted by online visitors.

Increasing your caseload is easier than you think!

Making your site user friendly, using long-tail keywords, and focusing on Social Security leads with strong cases are all good ways of increasing your web traffic and leads generated on your firm’s own website. But Search Engine Optimization is slow, and in a saturated field like Social Security disability, you may not find that you’re receiving as many leads as you’d like. If you’re interested in supplementing your own digital marketing efforts with high-quality Social Security disability leads, give us a call today at 617.800.0089. We’d love to discuss our pricing and Social Security lead availability with your staff today.

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