Digital marketing has become an affordable and effective way to get more personal injury leads for thousands of attorneys across the country. Unfortunately, the market is completely saturated for personal injury attorneys. Consumers have to wade through 4 paid ads, local listings, and more just to find an “organic” (unpaid) link to your firm on Google.

Does this mean hope is lost? Not quite! While you’ll have a lot of competition, there are some ways your firm can help draw attention to your personal injury firm’s website. Here are just a few techniques you can try:

1: Start a Blog

A blog is a great way to highlight your knowledge, expertise in personal injury law, and some successful claims in your career. The more content a website has, the better your chances of someone stumbling upon your site.

Blogs are especially easy for personal injury firms to keep up, because there are so many different personal injury case types. If you feel as if you’ve exhausted new information on auto accident claims, you could switch to premise liability the following week. Just be sure to write articles on the types of personal injury leads you’d like to receive! If you don’t take medical malpractice claims, it may not be wise to write 15 blog posts on medical malpractice law.

2: Pick the Right Keywords

Without using the right phrases in your website’s content, potential personal injury claimants will not be able to find your firm. We’ve covered keywords for a personal injury firm extensively, but you should focus on long phrases and local search to get claimants to your firm. You’ll never be able to rank for “personal injury attorney,” but longer phrases have a solid amount of volume without all the competition.

3. Don’t Have a Popup!

User experience is vitally important for any consumer experience. If you toil away to choose the most effective personal-injury keywords and a consumer exits your firm’s website immediately due to a bad popup, all of your keyword optimization efforts have been wasted. There are plenty of ways to entice a consumer to work with a personal injury attorney, but some choices to avoid include:

  • Auto-play videos
  • “Scrolling” ads that follow a consumer down a page
  • Ads that take up the entire page

Finally, user experience has become so poor on many sites that Google started cracking down: In 2014, Google implemented a “top heavy” algorithm update that started penalizing websites that had ads “above the fold,” or in the users’ primary focus when a web page loaded. You can use Google Analytics to determine if you have been negatively affected by an algorithm update.

Increasing Your Personal Injury Caseload

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