As our client base has grown exponentially in the past years, we now generate leads in various different areas of law. Aside from SSD (Social Security Disability), we also help numerous Personal Injury attorneys augment their caseloads. Below are some tips we have gathered from our clients.

Reach Out

The most important thing to keep in mind with any lead generation service is that you should always contact every lead you receive in a prompt manner. Claimants seeking legal representation are often busy with other matters in their life and may come from adverse circumstances. The faster you contact your leads, the more likely you will ultimately retain them as a client.

Persistence is key. Just because a prospective client has not returned your call, does not mean they are not interested in speaking with you. Our most successful clients will make numerous contact attempts, through both phone and email. eGeneration offers a live transfer option at no additional cost for its clients. This allows clients to be contacted by prospective clients via phone directly after the lead is generated.

Maximize Every Lead

Personal Injury claims vary in scope and severity. Just because a lead does not appear to have an injury that your practice handles does not mean you should disregard the lead.

Personal Injury leads can encapsulate many different case types. The leads we generate include auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, defective drug, product liability, wrongful death, and general liability. If you determine the case is not one you would like to pursue, you can always refer it out and hopefully still see a return on your investment for the lead.

Track Your Success

No matter how many leads you receive, it is extremely important to track the outcome of each lead, whether it becomes a retained client or it’s not a good fit for your firm. Any lead provider that is truly interested in seeing your practice succeed through their service will provide you with lead management software.

At eGenerationMarketing we have developed our own in-house software called eLuminate. Through eLuminate, our clients can manage various data, including tracking their “desired” and “signed” case rate. This allows you to quickly see your cost per-case, which is the total amount of money you have spent on the campaign, divided by the number of cases you have retained from the service. Lower costs per cases will lead to higher profitability margins for firms. Lead management software such as eLuminate allows you and your staff to quickly and efficiently manage leads, allowing you to focus on what is most important, serving your clients and their needs.

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