If you’re like most firms, you have room for more clients and pending cases. Unless you have a large team dedicated to running your marketing campaigns, it might be challenging to know where to start when increasing your caseload. If your firm needs to sign more clients, you can consider trying one (or all) of these methods to supplement your current caseload:

Dabble in Temporary Efforts

Running lengthy campaigns like search engine optimization may not be viable if your firm needs to sign clients quickly, or does not have any resources available to spend time on optimizing your marketing. Some quicker marketing options you could consider include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Short stints of digital ads, such as a month-long Facebook ad
  • A billboard. Most billboards run for four weeks at a time
  • A print ad in a single magazine or periodical

The downside to short-lived campaigns? You’ll likely have a small sample size. The clients you sign (or lack thereof) from a month-long campaign will likely not reflect how profitable the campaign would be over the course of a year.

Network in Your Neighborhood

Networking can be very valuable for attorneys who try to stay local and sign most of their cases in a small area. For example, a personal injury attorney can offer free advice or articles to an anti-drunk driving organization. The benefit here is for both parties—The organization you assist has valuable content or resources for future use, and your firm will be on the top of their list when someone is involved in a car crash and needs assistance.

Sponsor an Event

Events are similar to networking—They’re a way to make your firm’s name known in your community. Social Security disability attorneys may want to sponsor events that support people with disabilities, such as a cancer fundraiser. Your money will be going towards helping people in need, and those with cancer who are unable to work might want to use your services in the future if they’d like to file for Social Security disability benefits.

The key for neighborhood networking and event sponsorship will be finding an audience that needs your services. It wouldn’t make sense for a workers’ compensation attorney to offer to sponsor a pizza cook-off, as there’s not much of a connection between baking pizza and workers’ compensation claims.

Purchase Leads

Lead generation services are an easy an inexpensive way to increase your current caseload. Unlike the aforementioned options, you will not pay for an advertisement to be seen by a potential claimant with the hopes that he or she will reach out to your firm. You’ll instead pay for contact information from a consumer who has requested legal assistance as soon as he or she needs it.

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