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When it comes to social media, Facebook has been a key venue for many law firms, and understandably so because of its use and demographics. However, clever law firms should take advantage of the services and user traffic on Pinterest to potentially increase their traffic and lead intake.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is known as a digital pinboard. It is basically a website that allows you to "pin" images or videos to a page referred to as your "board" on the Internet. Images can be exchanged by anyone who finds your image by clicking a button.

Likewise, if anyone sees anything they are interested in on your board, they can just as simply add it to their own. Any piece of content that is pinned should be linked back to the original source/website. So when people on your Pinterest profile find your content or when it is re-pinned on other pinboards, they will discover your law firm’s blog page.

How Your Law Firm Can Use Pinterest

There are ways that Pinterest can be used to push traffic to your website or to simply support your practice. If you already have a law blog, be sure to start thinking creatively about the photos that you use for your posts. When you make a new post, pin the photos in the post to your Pinterest Law Firm Board.

Take a little time to think about the context of your image, and make sure to use as many relevant keywords as you can in the description. It is also a wise decision to use your location as a keyword. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm in New York be sure to add New York in your description.

Group Boards

You need to establish a target audience to build a following– in the same way you would for Facebook or Twitter. By engaging in the group boards, you get more attraction from users. The key here – as with Facebook communities and other social networks – is to contribute, but not to over advertise your firm. For example, if you have great tips on how to prepare for a court hearing you can create an infographic to share with the group board, but you should refrain from adding a call today CTA in all red.

Call to Action

If you want the viewer to contact you for legal assistance, you ought to welcome them. By adding a call-to-action, you'll maximize the number of views your image receives and, as a result, send more users to your site. At the end of every pin, have a brief call-to-action that asks people to click on the link.

Getting Started on Pinterest

Here are some ideas to get your law firm’s Pinterest Board started:

  • "Newsboards" to visually display what you're up to and details from your practice locations
  • Case study statistics and illustrations
  • Snapshots of workshops, education programs and webinars
  • Video pins about FAQs
  • Inspirational and motivational quotes for those suffering from difficulties such as disabilities
  • Using social media to extend the scope of your law firm is all about finding new ideas for the technology that is currently available. To figure out how you can get in front of your target crowd, see what Pinterest has to offer. For law firms launching a campaign, Pinterest is a great tool to highlight your original concepts and offerings.

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