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Virtual conferences, just like in-person conferences, are a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with others. It gives you a unique opportunity to reach out to potential clients that you have been in contact within the past and is also a great way to find new firms that could benefit from the service. Along with connecting with others in the industry, it also gives you direct access and insight as to what is going on inside the industry. With that being said, the virtual conference is what you make it – the work needs to be put in to see results. While it is crucial to have a mapped-out plan on how you are going to approach and navigate the conference, what do you do once the conference has come and gone?

Make a List

While it may seem obvious, the things you do after the conference has ended are just as important, if not more important, than what you did during the conference. It is key to keep track of who you spoke with throughout the conference. An easy way to do this is to make a list of everyone you had contact with or would have liked to have made contact with. On this list it is, it is important to note things from your conversation that you can follow up about. This can help address a potential client or partner with a tailored follow up specific to them. A huge part of this is timing. Once a potential client expresses interest and a need for the service, it is key to send over the most relevant information in a timely manner.

Connecting with New Contacts

It is likely that you have a potential contact’s information, such as an email address and phone number, but what if this is not provided? This is when using tools like Linkedin can be huge. Just by sending a request to connect with a potential client via Linkedin is a fantastic way to separate yourself from the pack. It is also a non-aggressive tactic to making a touch so that the contact remembers you and what your company does. In doing this it is more likely that the contact will reach out down the road when they are in a position when they are ready to try the service out.


It is inevitable that when you are reaching out to a list of contacts, that many are going to show some interest but show some push back. By using the tools at your disposal through offering a discounted rate, it can entice potentials to get the ball rolling rather than just putting things off for some later date. The promotions are a great way to get a client in the door, especially one that is skeptical about signing up for one reason or another. This gives the us the chance to show the quality and service that eGenerationMarketing delivers and gives us the chance to earn their trust without them ever being tied into a contracted period of time and being free to pause or cancel at any time with 48-hour notice.

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