eGenerationMarketing is proud to unveil one of eLuminate’s newest features: time tracking. With time tracking, you can record how much time you spend working on a case, making it write fee petitions than ever before. Even if your firm doesn’t bill clients per hour, you may still find that tracking how much time you spend on tasks greatly increases your firms’ efficiency.

How does time tracking work?

To start tracking time, simply enter the name of the task you’re working on in the built-in timer located at the bottom of each page in eLuminate. This can include preparations for hearings, meeting with clients, or even presenting a case in court.

Once you’ve indicated the task you are working on, you’ll need to associate it with a matter. A matter is your pending case, so simply select the case the task is related to. The clock will start recording once the matter is selected, and will not stop until you select “Stop Tracking.” The button will turn red when you’re tracking time, so it’ll be easy to see.

Convenient features of time tracking:

Time will continue to record even if you open multiple tabs on eLuminate. If you hit “Stop Tracking” on one tab, all other tabs will also stop tracking time.

Time will not stop unless you instruct it to. This means that even if you accidentally close your browser, time will continue to track for you! You can use this nifty feature to track your time spent in a hearing, or meeting with clients. Regardless of where you are, your time will be recorded to facilitate the billing process.

But what if you accidentally track the wrong time?

It’s possible that you’ll forget to pause the timer once you move on from a task. Fortunately, you can edit your time entries in the tasks section of eLuminate or by clicking directly on the task within the case file. You can delete the inaccurate time entry, and replace it with the correct time.

You can also add time in the same fashion if you completely forgot to start time tracking. This can allow you to factor in any time you work on cases away from a computer, such as on the road or at home.

But I’m paid on a contingency basis?

Even if you do not need to bill your clients, you could still find time tracking helpful. Many of our Social Security clients have found that tracking their time allows them to keep their days organized and determine how much time they’re spending on specific tasks. Time tracking is useful for personal injury attorneys as well!

For example, if you find that attorneys in your firm are spending too much time gathering documents for hearings, you can delegate tasks to other members of your firm to get medical records or police reports for attorneys instead.

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