Time-tracking software is one of eLuminate’s newest features. With time-tracking software, you can record exactly how much time you spend on a claimant’s case, finishing projects, and more. As a Social Security attorney, you may be wondering why you’d want to use time tracking. You may be asking yourself “Why would I want to track how much time I spend on a case if I’m paid on a contingency basis?”

Although you may not use time-tracking software to bill your clients, Social Security disability attorneys can still use time tracking to evaluate their staff’s efficiency and pinpoint areas for future improvement.

With time tracking, you can tack how much time you spend accomplishing tasks.

Does time ever seem to fly by? If you’re not sure how you spend your day, you can record what you’re working on with time tracking. Simply start the clock within your matter or task, and begin working. Time tracking will continue to record how much you’re working even if you close your eLuminate tab. Just pull the software up again and you’ll see how much work you’ve been doing.

This gives you insight into what you do every day, and what types of tasks could be delegated to other employees. For example, if you find that you’re spending a lot of time emailing claimants to get retainer packages returned, you could easily have a paralegal or member of your intake staff work on these tasks. As an attorney, it’s most likely that your time is better spent on other tasks that less-experienced legal professionals could do.

Time tracking allows you to manage your firm from afar.

If you’re an attorney at a small firm or large, you’re likely managing some staff members. With hearings, meetings, and travel, it’s unlikely that you’re always able to be in the office ensuring that your team is working as hard as they should be.

With time tracking, you can get a general idea as to how much time your employees are spending on tasks or your pending cases. If one employee is swamped with a specific task, you’ll be able to allocate more resources to help from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Time tracking can help you win fee petitions with the SSA.

If you’re taking a case to federal court, or if your client has chosen to stop using your services after you’ve spent hours working on a case, you’ll need to negotiate a fee petition with the SSA.

Time tracking software can be used as a critical piece of evidence in this negotiation. If you can show the SSA how much time you’ve spent on a single case, you’ll have a better chance of getting paid the settlement you deserve for winning the case.

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