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While working from home, it can be hard to separate work from home life. If you don’t have a designated home-office or often do not work remotely, it can be difficult to stay productive while working. Shutting down for the day when your home and work are now located in the same place can pose to be a challenge, even if you try dedicating one area for your new home office. Here are just a few ways to maintain your work-life balance while your firm is closed:

Get Ready for Work

Don’t just roll out of bed and immediately start working. Continue your morning routines the same way you would if you were going into your firm. This will help you mentally get ready to start working. Plus, when you’re able to head back to your firm, it will make the transition back easier.

Change Your Clothes

While continuing your morning routine, get dressed and out of your pajamas. Though you may not need to put on the suit you’d typically wear into the firm, getting out of your pajamas or sweats will help get you into the work mindset. Then, when you’re done working for the day, you can change back into your comfy clothes.

Make Plans for Afterwork

Though you may not be able to leave your home, try to make set plans for dedicated afterwork hours. Whether it’s reading a book with your family at 5:30 or watching a show with roommates, having plans for after work hours can help you shut down for the day and continue with your firm’s typical hours.

Eat Lunch

Don’t skip lunch. Taking a lunch break and shutting down for a half hour to an hour can help you recharge and refocus. A full lunch rather than snacking throughout the day will help you reenergize for the rest of the afternoon and get your work done at a reasonable hour.

Keep Your Same Schedule

If you normally have a weekly meeting with your intake staff or paralegals, continue having the meetings even while at home to help everyone stay productive. You or your firm’s staff won’t fall behind on deadlines, allowing you to finish working at a reasonable time so you do not have to work late to finish your projects.

Full Days Off

Sometimes work spills over into the weekends but try to maintain your days off. With work and home now in one place, it’s important to have days away from work. By having days completely away from work, your productivity will be higher during workdays, and you’ll enjoy the time away from work more.

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