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Recommendations from other people is one of the most powerful ways of gaining new clients, especially if you’re a lawyer.

Because of how powerful recommendations can be, it’s really valuable to have testimonials on your website that recommend your legal services.

A testimonial is a third-party statement that comments on how good someone or something is. By having testimonials from clients on your website, you can help build trust with potential leads that may need your services Here are some of the top reasons why your website should have testimonials.

Testimonials Help Build Trust

Put yourself in a perspective client’s shoes for a second. If they are on your website and they see testimonials saying what a pleasure it was to work with you or your team of lawyers and how helpful you were in the process, that can make that perspective client want to hire you as their lawyer.

If you ask someone you trust for a recommendation and that person is able to recommend something that helps build trust. The same goes for a testimonial on your website.

Testimonials Can Help Show Off Your Skills

Testimonials are a great way of showing perspective clients what you and/or your team of lawyers are good at. Testimonials can show potential clients that your firm that you and your firm can give informative answers to client’s questions in a timely manner.

If you are a Social Security attorney, a really good testimonial can say how helpful you were working with a client’s doctor to make sure they have all their paperwork in order.

The idea of working with an attorney can be intimidating to some, but if your testimonials show all the strengths that you and your firm provide, it can make a potential client want to use your services.

Testimonials Can Help Show How Your Services Work

A perspective client who’s never needed a lawyer before might not know how your services work just by looking at your website. A great way to highlight to a potential client how your services work is through a testimonial.

For example, a perspective client might now know that Social Security attorney do not charge an upfront fee and are only paid if their client wins their case.

If there is a testimonial on your website that says that the client didn’t have to pay upfront, that could entice other potential clients to use your services knowing that information that there is no upfront charge.

Testimonials Can Help Create an Emotional Connection

Emotional connections are powerful tools when it comes to signing new clients. Whether you are a personal injury or a Social Security attorney, often times you are helping save someone’s livelihood.

For example, if you are a personal injury attorney and there is a testimonial on your website from a woman who was hurt badly in a car accident and you were able to win her a big settlement.

Furthermore, her testimonial explained because of her settlement she can now afford her medical bills and rehabilitation she needs to recover from that accident. That emotional connection could help make someone who has been through a similar experience want to hire you as their lawyer.

A study* has shown that customer testimonials generate 62% more revenue from every customer, so if your firm’s website does not have testimonials featured on your website, you should reach out to any former clients to see if they would be willing to write one.

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