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Running a legal firm is significantly harder than it was 50 years ago—Digital marketing is becoming one of the favored platforms for businesses, and competition is constantly growing in the legal space. Running marketing campaigns for your firm may be an endeavor that’s best left to another organization. Here are some telltale signs that you should consider outsourcing your marketing:

1: It’s Taking Up Too Much Time

This one’s pretty straightforward. If you’re spending so much time working on your marketing campaigns that your pending cases are suffering, it’s likely that you should outsource some of your work to a third party. Your billable hours are valuable, and it’s likely significantly cheaper to pay someone else to manage your ads or content marketing efforts.

#2: You’re Don’t Have Marketing Experience

This one is also pretty simple: If you don’t have any experience running paid ads, you probably should have someone else create them for you. While there are many guides on how to start PPC for your law firm, it’s not recommended to “wing it” and hope that you’ll generate leads.

For starters, PPC campaigns need to be closely monitored, otherwise they can run awry and cost your firms thousands. On top of this, you need to have optimized landing pages. Otherwise, you’ll pay a lot of money for someone to see your website, but never decide to contact your firm.

#3: You Can’t Afford A Full-Time Employee

An easy option is to simply hire an in-house marketer to manage your campaigns. This is great for firms who have the budget for another employee, but you’ll need to factor in not only a new employee’s salary (A marketing coordinator makes on average $41,000 nationwide, according to, but the additional costs of health insurance, workers’ compensation, and the hours it’ll take to train the employee. Outsourcing your marketing efforts is substantially cheaper if you don’t have major campaigns that need a full 40+ hours per week of dedication.

#4: You’re Not Sure If Your Campaigns Are Successful

There is no point in throwing money at a campaign if you’re not sure if it’s working. Google Analytics is completely free and allows you to monitor both your paid and organic campaigns, but if you’ve never used the tool before, you might be bamboozled by the wealth of data.

Most third-party marketing companies will be able to tell you how your campaigns are doing and how many new clients you’ve signed from their efforts. If they can’t, then it’s time to find a new company to work with!

Lead Generation Can Help Increase Your Caseload

Instead of outsourcing your PPC ads or organic efforts elsewhere, consider working with a lead generation company. With lead generation companies, you pay for guaranteed claimant contact information and case descriptions as soon as someone is interested in speaking with an attorney. We currently offer leads in the following areas of law:

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