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If your firm is closed or it’s not your busy season, you may find that with less commuting or a slowdown in your day-to-day, you have more free time on your hands. Though you don’t always want to be working, sometimes you can utilize your free time in a productive manner. By taking advantage to this newfound free time, you may find that you can use the time to get ahead or to complete the tasks that were pushed to the backburner.

Write Some Blogs

Having a stockpile of blogs can make it easy to maintain your firm’s blog overtime. Whether you write some new blogs that aren’t time sensitive or come up with a list of potential topics to write about in the future, you’ll find maintaining your firm’s blog will be easier. When your firm gets busy, having a backlog of potential blogs to post will help your keep your firm’s blog and website updated.

Clean Up Your Firm’s Site

You may not always have time to go through your firm’s website and clean it up. If you have downtime, read through the content of your site and make sure it is up to date. Make lists of pages that should be updated regularly (such as pages with the Sustainable Gainful Activity). Look for any discrepancies in your firm’s site or pages that you think could use a facelift.

Do Some Reading

Educational reading is not always a priority during a busy season. When you have downtime, try doing some reading that can better your practice. You can read about the latest trends in your area of law, new marketing trends, better ways to manage your firm, and so much more. You can read various blogs, download whitepapers or buy a new book. Taking this time to read over new educational material can help you better your firm in the long run.

Look at Competitors

Take a peek at what competing firms are up to. This could mean combing through search results for keywords you want rank for or looking at other firm’s social medias and websites. Understanding what competitors are doing can help you better your firm’s marketing. You may find places your firm needs to improve upon or find something that their site is lacking.

Edit Your Email

Many of us have accidentally subscribed to various email campaigns. This results in many unwanted and distracting emails throughout the day. Go through your email and unsubscribe from the emails that you don’t find relevant. After completing this one small task, you may find you’ll have less distractions coming in throughout the workday.

Don’t Work

Yes, most of these tips center around working, but sometimes the most productive thing to do in your free time is to not work. Stepping away from work for a little while can help increase your productivity when you return to work. Spend time with your friends and family, exercise, or pick up a new hobby. You’ll be able to unwind and have something to look forward to during longer workdays.

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