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LinkedIn is most often associated the job search. But have you ever thought about how it could help your firm find new clients? LinkedIn is a great tool to help increase your online presence and show off your firm’s accomplishments and expertise. When someone searches your firm’s name or one of your lawyers on Google, the LinkedIn page or profile will often appear on the first page of results.

Create a Company Page

First, your firm will need a company page on LinkedIn Here, be sure to demonstrate what area of law you specialize in. If there are any specific keywords you’d like to appear in search, include them throughout your page (just don’t overdo it!).

Try to use the firm’s LinkedIn page as another resource for those researching your firm or looking for an attorney by posting different pieces of content and articles that they may find helpful. This content should show your firm’s expertise as well as be helpful for those who may be potential clients but aren’t sure if they have a case yet.

Any new updates that happen to your firm should be posted on your firm’s LinkedIn page. Recently hired a new lawyer with years of expertise in personal injury law? Write a post about it on LinkedIn introducing him or her while highlighting your new attorney’s experience and awards. Actively involved in the community? Post a picture with a synopsis of the event.

Once the page is created, don’t let it slip through the cracks. Updating it regularly and posting fresh content will keep your page active and it will be easier for new prospective clients to find you. If your firm’s website has a blog that is regularly updated, make sure each post is always added to your LinkedIn page.

Individual Profiles

Next, have the lawyers in your firm make a profile if they do not have one already. Those who already have one should make sure their profile current and up to date. You don’t want a potential client to search their name to find an old, outdated profile. Their profiles should make it clear the area of law they specialize in. Have your lawyers promote any achievements and/or awards that have been received. If anyone in the firm has had any articles published, be sure they are added to their LinkedIn profiles.

Ask your firm’s lawyers to be active on LinkedIn. Join various groups and discussions for you specific field of law. Following and interacting with similar groups will help boost their visibility and credibility. Using LinkedIn to network with like individuals can also help with gaining referrals in the future.

For example, remaining active and interacting with disability support groups may help gain some Social Security disability cases down the road. Setting aside just five minutes a day to post, comment or share on LinkedIn can make the world of a difference.

Your profile headlines should include keywords you’d like to appear in searches for. Consider a headline like “Social Security Disability Attorney in Boston” or “Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in New Hampshire.” A headline like “Associate at _____” or “Partner at _____” may make it harder for potential clients to find you, as they are less likely to be searching the terms Associate or Partner when looking for a lawyer.

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