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Odds are good that your clients are using Facebook. According to data gathered by Pew Research Center, 71% of adult internet uses use Facebook. Even Social Security disability applicants are likely to be on Facebook: 63% of adults age 50-64 have a profile. If your firm has a Facebook page already, you may not be sure how to leverage the most use from the platform. Fortunately, Facebook has its own form of analytics you can use to help target your potential clients effectively.

1. You Can See Which Posts Are Most Engaging

After visiting your basic insights, you can find your most popular posts by Type (link, video, text, or image), Reach (how many people saw the post) and Engagement, which is how many people liked, commented, or shared your post.

This is a great feature because it allows you to learn not only what message resonates with your audience, but what content type you should share more often. For example, you mind find that plain text links to your firm’s website on personal injury law don’t receive very many likes or shares, but videos of an actual attorney from your firm discussing an auto accident claim gets more engagement. Once you can pinpoint what content your consumers prefer, you can focus on it in your upcoming Facebook publishing schedule.

2. You Can See When Your Audience is Online

Under “Posts” in Facebook’s Insights, you can see how many consumers visit your page by day, and what time they’re typically online.

It’s important to know when your potential clients are interacting with your Facebook page to know when to schedule new posts to go live to reach your audience. For example, Social Security disability applicants are not working, and may be more active in the afternoon than other Facebook users. If you find your audience peaks around noon, you can schedule your posts to go out around 11 to give your status updates the best chance possible of getting seen.

3. You Can See How People Get to Your Firm’s Website

While it’s great to interact with your community on Facebook, at the end of the day, your goal is to always get more clients. Insights has an “Actions on Page” view where you can see who clicked on your website, your phone number, or your “action button,” which can do a variety of tasks from linking to a website or an app, playing a game, signing up for a newsletter, and more.

If you’re finding that very few visitors are clicking through to your firm’s site from Facebook, your call to action may not be strong enough in your firm’s profile description. Small modifications could make a big increase in how many claimants you receive from Facebook. By using Insights, you can see how much your modifications are improving your pending cases.

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