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If your law firm has its own website, you have surely spent hours creating and adding content. From blurbs about attorneys working for your firm to directions to your office, content is vitally important for any firm’s website. But how often do you update your content? Are you consistently adding new content? If you built your website in one day and left it be, you may be missing out on new clients. Updating your content is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a successful website.

More clients will find your website if you update your content.

Did you know that Google rewards websites that update their content? If you are editing or updating your website’s content, you will find that your pages can rank higher on Google’s search engine result pages. This means that if you are a personal injury attorney in California, your website might come up before some competitors when someone searches “personal injury attorney pasadena” or another term relevant to your firm.

The same goes for websites that add new content. If Google or other search engines see that you’re continually adding new pages to your website, your site as a whole will do better than attorneys’ sites that remain stagnant and are never updated.

You could correct some out-of-date content.

If you haven’t updated your content in years, some of it is likely out of date or irrelevant. For example, you might have biographical information about employees who don’t even work at your firm anymore! You could also have some information about 2011’s best ODAR offices to win a Social Security disability claim. The problem: it’s not 2011. ODAR offices may have wildly different approval rates year by year depending on which ALJs are conducting hearings. Every year you should go through your website’s sitemap to determine what content can stay the same and what should be updated.

You can add some content that’s useful for your potential clients.

Have found that people repeatedly call in asking if you take SSI cases for children under the age of 18? Do you have to constantly tell personal injury claimants that you don’t handle medical malpractice claims? Updating your content is a key opportunity for adding additional information about your firm that can answer questions your site visitors often have. It can not only save from having to talk to leads you’d never sign as clients, but it will save your website visitors’ time as well.

Updating your content allows you to find new clients across channels.

If you have a fresh piece of content, you can increase your firm’s online presence by sharing that content on social media. A great example of this would be sharing a new blog post on Facebook or Twitter. It’s unlikely that you’ll have much luck attracting reader’s attention with a blog post you wrote in 2011, but if you write a compelling blog about a breaking personal injury settlement, you increase your chances of others sharing the post with readers that could become new potential clients. Your blog can even be used to generate leads if you can focus on claimants’ pain points and give them compelling reasons to contact you.

When updating content, be sure you don’t delete old content! You could have some pages that gain a lot of traffic from search engines because they’re still relevant to readers, regardless of when you posted it. These types of posts are known as evergreen content; they remain valuable to readers despite not being a recent post. The key is to update, not delete, your content to keep it up to date.

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