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Email marketing can be an effective way to reach potential claimants and gain more clients for your law firm. But figuring out new ideas to test in your campaigns can be time consuming. To help, here are some different tactics to try in your next email marketing campaign:

Current Events

Consider working in current events that relate to your audience into your emails. This can help add urgency to filling out a claim or can demonstrate why now is the time for a potential claimant to reach out and work with your firm. For example, if some SSA offices have a faster processing time, then you may want to add this into one of your email campaigns. Discussing the different processing times and how it they can impact someone’s claim can help show that now to apply for disability benefits and that your firm can help.

Concentrate on Mobile

Over 60%* of emails are opened on a mobile device, but chances are most of your firm’s email campaigns are not designed with mobile in mind. Try creating a campaign specific for mobile, making sure any images or text look proportional on different mobile phones and tablets. To do so, you’ll need to create a responsive design. This will allow the email to resize for different devices while staying proportional. Most email service providers, such as MailChimp or ConstantContact, have options available to create an email with a responsive design.

Segment Your Lists

Instead of sending out generic emails to all your contacts, consider segmenting your firm’s lists to create an even more specific email. There are so many different options you can use when segmenting lists depending on your firm’s needs. For example, if you find that your employment law firm has more success with older clients, you can try doing a segmenting your lists by age. You can even get very specific within your case types. Consider creating a list of all inbound inquires that involved an auto accident. Once you have your segmented lists, you can then create an extremely specific email to these leads. You can even add in auto-fill fields to help keep the content specific to your list. This can include things like first name, the state someone lives, or really any other data your firm takes down for each lead.

Use Social Proofs

Your firm has great reviews, so use them in your marketing emails! Hearing how much someone enjoyed working with your firm or how you helped someone earn a big settlement can be the final push someone needs to work with your firm. You can use the testimonials within the body of the email or even link to them within the body of an email.

Update Your List

You should be constantly updating your firm’s marketing list. As you receive inbound leads, continue to add them to your email marketing list. This will keep your list fresh, which will help increase conversions from your email marketing efforts.

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