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Your firm has conquered Facebook, maybe even Twitter and LinkedIn. Should your firm now look to Instagram as the next social media platform to join?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an image-based app where pictures or short videos can be posted with captions. Instagram is meant for mobile use, meaning the majority of the time users are on phones or tablets rather than a computer or laptop.

People can like, comment and share each photo or video that is posted. Adding hashtags to your post helps link what your firm posts to other similar posts that have used the same hashtag. For example, if your firm were to post a picture and add ‘#PersonalInjuryLaw’ to your photo’s comment, anytime someone were to search the tag ‘PersonalInjuryLaw’, they would see your post.

Cons of Instagram

The majority of users on Instagram are millennials. The older the demographic, the less likely they are to be on Instagram. The age of Instagram users is something for Social Security disability attorneys to keep in mind. The younger audience may not hold the best disability candidates due to their age, making it hard to find the ideal client on Instagram.

If your law firm is making a push to reach millennials, then Instagram is an easy way to do so. If your target audience is older, Instagram may not be the best marketing option, but that does not mean it should be completely excluded.

Pros of Instagram

Instagram has over 700 million users, giving your firm a large audience it could potentially reach. Before creating a profile for your firm, establish who your firm’s target audience is and how you can reach them. This will help with creating posts and making sure your firm’s Instagram profile is used strategically.

You can link to your firm’s website as well as list out contact information on your firm’s profile. In Google Analytics, you can track the traffic your firm’s site gets from Instagram, allowing you to see if Instagram proves to be profitable for your firm by helping to drive more traffic to your website.

Because Instagram is image-based, it allows your firm to build a brand visually. If you receive client testimonials, save them in an image form and post them on your firm’s Instagram account. Taking behind the scene photos of your firm and posting them can also help people relate to your firm and get a better sense of who your firm is. If your firm volunteers somewhere or does events within the community, take photos to post on your profile.

When used properly, an Instagram profile can help your firm grow. You may be able to reach potential clients you did not know you could reach before. Before making a profile, establish what your firm’s goal is for the profile and how it can be achieved. If it appears that you could reach claimants in your area of law on Instagram, consider taking the plunge and expanding your social profiles.

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