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Video marketing can be an easy way to promote your firm through different platforms. It’s been found that over 500 million* people watch videos on Facebook daily. But is video marketing right for your firm? Here are some pros and cons to help weigh the decision of using video marketing:


1. Awareness

Videos can be used as a way for you to better explain who your firm is, what you stand for, and what types of cases you’d like to represent. They are an easy way to educate potential claimants about your firm and can be shared across different mediums. Someone may stumble upon one of your firm’s videos and subsequently visit your firm’s site.

2. Increased Conversions

Videos can help create a level of comfort between your firm and potential claimants before you even meet. Hearing and seeing the different attorneys from your firm in marketing videos can help build trust before someone even contacts your firm. Plus, video marketing can help with potential claimants getting a feel for your personality as well as help with their expectations of what its like working with your firm.

3. Diversity

Videos can be used in a variety of formats, cover different topics, etc. You make a 30-second video for your firm’s Instagram account or a 30-minute video for your firm’s website. You can utilize videos to cover a variety of tips, including everything from attorney introductions, how-to videos, “inside looks” or client experiences, answering frequently asked questions, and so much more. Disability attorneys may find video marketing helpful, as they can be manipulated by people with different needs (such as closed caption).

4. SEO

Videos tend to rank high on Google search engine result pages (SERP). This can help increase your firm’s SERP rankings. Plus, Google owns YouTube so has even more of a reason to push videos into SERPs. You can use videos to link your social media accounts to your firm’s site. Videos help add variety of content to your firm’s site. You can include a video transcript of the audio to help improve its relevance to search keywords.


1. Low Quality

If you post a low-quality video, then it may make your firm’s brand look cheap. Someone’s perception of your firm may be changed for the worse when video that is not well made pops up on your firm’s site. Sub-par videos may cause claimants to look for legal representation elsewhere.

2. Auto play

A video that automatically plays when someone visits your firm’s site may deter them from staying on your site because many find them to be annoying. It’s highly likely that a visitor may immediately leave your site if a video begins to play without the visitor clicking play. This means you may lose potential claimants who visit your site looking for an attorney!

3. Resource Consumption

Creating videos for your firm’s marketing efforts can take up a lot of time and money. A well-produced video can be pricy. You can’t just shoot it on your cellphone. You’ll likely need to hire a videographer, create a script, produce the video, and then edit the video. You will need to set aside enough time to create and edit the video and have a specific budget in mind before producing it.

4. Stuck in Time

Videos are not evergreen. Unlike blogs, you can’t update a video. Once your video is posted, it’s solidified in the specific time period that it was posted in. Things like the video’s background, appearance of those in it, and especially the topic can date a video. If you are looking to create evergreen content for your firm’s site, blogs are a much better choice over videos.

Weighing the pros and cons of video marketing can help figure out if it is best for your firm. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding if your firm should utilize videos. Consider what your firm’s needs and resources are when you decide it video marketing is right for your firm.


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