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Having quality content on your law firm’s website will help set you apart from other firms in your area of practice. The content on your website will be able to help you make a good first impression for potential clients looking for help.

You want to make sure the content that is on your website will help show people what your firm stands for and how you can help. The thing is, finding the time to write quality content for your website can be hard to juggle on top of your caseload.

You may want to hire a freelancer to write content for your website, but there are pros and cons of hiring freelancers to write content for your firm’s website.


It’s One Less Thing You Need to Worry About

Like we said above, when you hire a freelancer to write content for your site, it’s one less thing on your plate. Hiring a professional writer to write content for your site will let you be able to put all of your effort and attention to your day to day tasks, like advising clients, preparing legal documents, or negotiating any settlements.

You’ll Be Able Dictate the Message Without Putting in the Grunt Work

That’s great about hiring freelancers is that you’ll still have total control the message of the content without having to do any of the grunt work of actually writing it. Simply give your freelancer an outline of what you want a specific piece of content to look like and let them do all the work.

You’ll Get Quality Work

As a lawyer, you’ll have had plenty of experience writing with all of the court documents you’ve had to have written all of these years. Because of that, you could consider yourself a strong writer, but you aren’t a professional.

When you hire a freelancer, you will be getting a professional writer and depending on who you hire, you’ll be getting years and years of experience. And with that experience, the quality of the work you’ll get back will stand out.

There’s Plenty to Pick From

If you’re worried about not being be find a writer to write content for your firm’s website, don’t be. There are thousands and thousands to choose from and there are so many different websites you can use to hire a freelancer writer, many of which use time tracking software to ensure your marketing budget is spent wisely.


There Could Be a Disconnect

A lot of the freelancers out there don’t have a legal background or have not written content that relates to law, so there may be a disconnect initially. This would require you or a staff member to send back numerous revisions until the freelancer is comfortable with the type of content you want written or the area of law that you practice.

One way to not worry about this is to hire a freelance writer who has a legal background.

Less Oversight on the Process

Since this freelancer won’t work in your office, there is not a lot of oversight that you’ll. While this is a caveat for any employee, your freelancer has the important job of creating the messaging that you want to have on your website, so you’ll need good communication back and forth between the two of you.

Without that oversight of being in the same office as someone else, the only real communication you’ll have with your freelancer is whenever they need more work to write/when they’ve finished writing and whenever there are revisions needed.


The old saying goes, "you get what you pay for." The higher-quality the writer you hire, the more expensive each article will be. Most people can expect to pay at least $50+ per article, so you will need to budget wisely.


Your law firm will need to evaluate your budget and objectives for organic growth to determine if hiring freelancers is worthwhile. If your firm is small, you may not have the budget to pay for freelancers or the time to upload content, so lead generation is a good alternative.

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