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In the past, we have covered keyword generation and how to sort those new keywords into ad groups. Now, we will be moving on to ad text tips and tricks.

First and foremost, it is important to realize that someone else’s best practices could be your worst nightmare. If something sounds like a good idea to you, test it! Then try re-testing it over time. With that caveat out of the way, here are some pieces of advice you might find useful when writing your ads.

The best thing an ad can be is useful. Now that you have gathered your keywords and campaigns, you will need to quickly prove that you are worth someone’s limited attention. Make sure your ad is relevant to your customer’s needs by including their keywords in your headlines. If you do not have ad text restrictions, or any reason to believe your ad could be misleading, feel free to use dynamic keyword insertion. While your headline may appear to you as {KeyWord: Business Lawyers}, Google will automatically update your headline to match one of your keywords that best matches your client’s search terms.

Even though ad text descriptions are rarely scrutinized, they can be useful tools to prime your audience for your website. If you have a difficult time writing ad text, consider pulling words and phrases from your website. You will simultaneously prepare your audience for your website and give Google’s algorithm proof that your ad is relevant to your landing page. If nothing else, try to highlight the benefits you can provide. If you give free case evaluations, be sure to mention it in your ad text descriptions.

Although ad extensions have been covered in the past on this blog., I would like to reiterate their importance. Ad extensions are not only additional places for your potential clients to click but are also a great way to cram in additional information. Keep in mind, ad extensions applied to an ad group take priority over those applied to a campaign, which then take priority over account-level extensions.

Above all, remember to keep your ad content useful and relevant. If you cannot spare the time to do this, consider learning more about how eGeneration Marketing can generate leads for your firm.

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