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Images can have a great impact on your firm’s site. They can help increase your conversion rate as well as boost your firm’s search engine optimization (SEO). But just adding an image to your firm’s site is not enough. Properly optimizing the images on your firm’s site can help increase your rankings on the search result pages and help increase conversions. Here are some ways you can optimize the images on your firm’s site:

Image Name

Don’t keep the image name image85. Instead, title it something more descriptive. Keep in mind the keywords you want your firm to rank for. For example, if your firm posted an image of a car accident, add in some descriptors into the name, not just Auto Accident1. If it’s a rear end accident or the car is totaled, add that into the image name. This can help the image appear in searches as well as tell search engines what the image is.

Alt Text

If you don’t already have alt text added to your images, add them in. Alt text serves a variety of purposes. It helps search engines get a better idea of what your image is. Including relevant keywords can help improve your firm’s SEO. Images can appear in the rich snippets of search results and are often clickable, leading people to the page on your firm’s site that has that image. Alt text can also help page readers identify what an image is. This is especially important for Social Security disability attorneys who may have older or visually impaired users visiting their site.

Image Size

Having an image that is very large can slow down the page speed. If it takes a long time to load a page because of the image, then your page and site speed may increase. Page speed is a ranking factor for Google, so pages that take a long time to load can negatively impact your site’s SEO. In addition, if a page takes too long to load, it’s likely that a user will click away from your firm’s site. This can increase your bounce rate, which is also a ranking factor for Google. If you aren’t sure if an image is slowing down a page, you can use Google’s page speed test. If it is slowing a page down, try compressing the image or talking with your webmaster for assistance.

Responsive Images

Consider using responsive images on your firm’s site. With smart devices coming in so many different shapes and sizes, having a responsive image will allow the image to adjust to different screen sizes and fit appropriately. This can help keep the integrity of an image on mobile devices. It can help larger images reformat for smaller mobile devices, again helping with SEO.

These are just a few suggestions to help your firm better the images on your site. By not making some optimizations, you may be missing out on an easy opportunity to increase your SEO. Worse, these images may actually be doing more harm than good by not being properly optimized. Take some time to better your images to help better your firm’s site overall.

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