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The legal industry is starting to get more and more familiar with technologies that are transforming an antiquated industry used to running TV ads to market themselves. No longer are potential legal clients simply watching TV waiting for an ad of an attorney to help them with their case. They do their own research via the internet and search up attorneys and look for legal help via web results to help them. With this new trend, lead generation companies are offering their services to these potential claimants by offering a simple questionnaire to fill out, and then matching the claimant with an appropriate attorney to discuss their case.

As is expected, there is variation within this lead generation for law firms concept in terms of how lead generation companies differentiate themselves from their peers. We will discuss what makes for a quality lead as well as what makes for a quality, customer-oriented lead generation company to go with.


A lead is a great way to supplement your existing caseload as an attorney. However, these are “leads”, not guaranteed retained cases. It falls on attorneys who work with lead generation companies to follow up with these claimants who fill out a questionnaire. A downfall to working with certain lead companies is the lack of exclusivity to the leads that come in. Often times, multiple attorneys are interested in the same case-type or geography. When these leads get transferred over, it becomes a first come first serve basis as multiple attorneys “fight” over following up with a lead to try and retain them.

The solution to this is pretty simple, but some lead generation firms do not find the solution to be cost-effective. Make leads exclusive. This is to say, when a lead comes in, it gets transferred only to ONE attorney/law firm in the client network. Therefore, it eliminates the frustration of having to compete with other firms in an attorney’s area of law to retain a lead.

Old vs New

What some attorneys may not realize right away, is that they have been a lead that is days old if not months. The clear problem with this is the decrease in likelihood that the lead will pick up the phone or even remember that they filled out a questionnaire. It is pretty universally understood that old leads do not convert as well, but some companies still provide these often at an affordable price point which can be enticing to the less informed.

A new lead on the other hand, proves to be the most ideal. Especially if they are transferred to an attorney live. What I mean by live, is that they are transferred over to the attorney as soon as the claimant hits “submit” on the lead provider’s webform. This maximizes the chance that they will be receptive to an attorney following up with them as this topic of legal help is fresh on their mind.

At eGeneration, we understand that quality leads make a difference to our attorneys that we work with. That is why our leads are 100% exclusive to single clients and are not shared with anyone else. We generate exclusive leads for Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and Employment law. These leads are all generated in real-time so that clients receive the contact information and case description as soon as the lead hits the “submit” button on our online form. For more information about our leads, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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