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Welcome to the February 2011 issue of eGenerationNEWS, the legal marketing newsletter from eGenerationMarketing.

This newsletter will keep you posted on company and industry news, new lead generation product updates, tips for increasing your ROI on eGenerationMarketing services, and more.

Official Launch: Intake Telephone Screening Here at eGenerationMarketing, increasing case retention is our central focus. We strive to provide quality leads, ensuring our clients get their money’s worth. We understand that not every firm is equipped with a large team of paralegals or assistants to follow up with every case lead received, and for that reason are introducing our own phone screening services for Social Security intakes.

For an additional cost per lead, we will follow up with the potential claimants, verifying their information is accurate. Upon doing so, we will attempt to connect them to your office, ensuring some contact is made with the potential claimant. For more information about the service, call us at 617.800.0089. Reminder: Client Referral Program for 2011 As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we are offering up to $500 to our existing clients who can put us in touch with other Social Security Disability representatives who sign up for our lead generation services. We currently are in strong pursuit of clients nationwide, with special interest in Texas and New York, as well as the Chicago area.

If you know or are professionally associated with a disability representative whose practice might benefit from eGenerationMarketing's legal marketing or lead generation programs, please take a look at our updated Referral Program offer or Contact Us today.

A Few More Tips for Success

At eGenerationMarketing, we understand that there are many ways to maximize the return on lead generation programs such as ours. Here are some additional tips we have come up with to help increase case retention:

  • Be Aggressive. We all have busy lives, and can’t always answer our phones. Don’t give up on a lead if the phone just rings or goes to voicemail, you’ll get through eventually. Persistence is the key.
  • Be Informative. Many of the people requesting to be contacted won't fully understand the intricacies of the Social Security system, as well as the benefits of an Attorney's services. If they are are uncertain about subjects regarding SSD, don't be hesitant to tell them how it works.
  • Be Patient. The people you are calling are in tough positions, and need your help. They might not know the answers right away, and may be nervous about talking to an attorney. Demonstrate patience and care towards the claimants, and let them know that you have their best interest in mind.

For more information about maximizing retention, check out the Tips Section of our website.

Did you know that... 1898, Ohio became the first state in America to pass a law providing pensions for blind citizens.

...SSA president Micheal J. Astrue graduated from the Roxbury Latin School, the same school as eGeneration's sales manager Doug Cochrane.

...the first disability payment ever made was to Ernest Ackerman in 1937 for 17 cents.

...the SSA's website receives around 3.9 million visitors per y


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