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Are You Using the Client Portal to Its Full Potential?

For those of you who have been using the eGen Client Portal on a regular basis, we have just released a new update to enhance your lead management experience even further.

Custom Fields (New Feature!)

We have recently enabled the use of custom fields within the Portal. This new feature provides far more flexibility and virtually limitless ways to view, organize, and sort leads in the manner most suitable for your firm. You can use the custom fields to create intake questionnaires, add qualifying questions, manage lead views, and much more. To start adding custom fields to your account, go to Profile --> Edit Fields.

What is the Portal?

If you are not making full use of the Portal, you may not be maximizing your return-on-investment with our service. The Portal contains many useful features, including tracking incoming leads, marking retained cases, contesting invalid leads, calculating conversion percentages and cost-per-case, automated document generation for your firm, and now, adding custom fields to your leads.

Document Generator

If you have not been using the online document generator, you should definitely give it a try. This tool extracts the contact information contained in the lead, uses the information to populate important documents, and outputs a completed PDF form. If there are documents that you use at your firm not already listed in the Portal, we can upload custom ones at your request.

Electronic Signature

Tired of chasing down clients for signatures? The document generator can be enabled with EchoSign, an electronic signature application that makes it incredibly easy for you to retain signed documents. Using our Portal, you simply select the documents to be signed, send them to the client, and wait for the e-signatures to arrive in your inbox. EchoSign’s servers then route signed PDF copies to you and the client.

Case Management Integration

The Portal can be integrated with other CRMs and case management systems, including Prevail, Needles, and many more.

Set Up a One-on-One Tutorial

Whether you are a long time client or new to eGenerationMarketing, feel free to call us at 617-800-0089 to schedule a Portal Tutorial with our Client Services Manager. You will receive a personalized walk-through of all the features the Portal has to offer.

How Will This Help My Practice?

By making full use of the Portal and its features, we hope to save you time, increase efficiency, and maximize your ROI with our service.

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