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Welcome to the March 2012 issue of eGenerationNEWS, the legal marketing newsletter from eGenerationMarketing.

This newsletter will keep you posted on company and industry news, new lead generation product updates, tips for increasing your ROI on eGenerationMarketing services, and more.

Do you want more leads? We may have more for you.

Things are always changing over here at eGenerationMarketing, including the availability of leads. Whether it be due to increased effort generating leads or naturally high traffic, our lead volumes can fluctuate considerably. Therefore, we wanted to inform you that if you would be interested in taking on more leads, you can always contact your account representative to see what we have available.

To talk numbers, please contact your eGenerationMarketing representative, either on our office line 617.800.0089, or by emailing our support.

Questionnaire for VA Benefits

Believe it or not, we do a fair amount of testing on our end to find new products that will benefit our clients. And sometimes, we have to go straight to the source and try and pick their brains. And right now, we are in a situation where your input would be greatly appreciated.

If you have an idea for an area of law that you would be interested in receiving leads for (aside from Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation), we would be happy to hear your thoughts and see if it is something that we could help you with.

Client Portal Reminder: Document Generator Now Available

Just in case you missed the last newsletter, our SSA Document Generator is now available through our Client Portal. This application allows you to utilize the information in each field of the lead in the Client Portal and automatically input it in the appropriate fields of various PDF documents. Log in your Client Portal account and check it out for yourself!

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